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10 Biggest Water Parks in the World

Waterparks are some of the places which are enjoyed by people of all ages. People all over the world would like to visit Waterparks to skip the summer heat and enjoy the cool waters. Some of the renowned parks which we are about to list down receive millions of tourists every year which is the reason why they are popular.

There are many water parks around the world that offer world-class amenities, and these waterparks would be filled with tourists all year round. The list of waterparks is by the size of tourists visiting each year.

10. Aquaventure

Established in the year 2008, Aquaventure is in the city of Dubai and is just adjacent to the largest aquarium in Dubai. The theme park is centered around the lost city of Atlantis and presents attractions such as a shark lagoon tank and the wave machine for surfing.

You can explore the park and get to know history and myths also the aquarium has a variety of marine life which you can visit to understand marine animals. It is also one of the best waterparks in Europe and the Middle East.

9. Caribbean Bay

Located in South Korea and set up in the year 1996, the Caribbean bay is home to ‘Master Blaster’ which is the world’s first uphill slide. It is a part of the largest theme park In South Korea called Everland Theme Park and it features a wide range of indoor, outdoor pools and hot springs that enable visitors to enjoy the park all year round.

8. Aquatica

Established in the year 2008 in Flo Rida, and one of the popular in Flo Rida, USA. The waterpark has over 42 different slides and over 84,000 square feet of beautiful sandy beaches. Alongside attractions such as the lazy river, The KareKare Curl is one of the popular here as it allows riders to experience the sign of weightlessness.

7. Bahamas Aquaventure Park

Located in the Bahamas, Aquaventure park is one of the largest in the Caribbean which offers a variety of attractions that everyone who visits the park can enjoy. The park features 18 water slides and many other popular attractions.

Out of which ‘The Abyss’ is most popular and it is a 200-foot slide. At the end of ‘The Abyss’, there is a lagoon which is a daredevil attempt.

6. Typhoon Lagoon

Located in Disneyworld Flo Rida, Typhoon Lagoon is the waterpark which began operation in 1989. It is one of the largest surfing lagoons in the world and is home to the largest wave pool in the world.

The theme park is titled based on the ‘Disney Legend’ of a typhoon and aftermath. One of the popular attractions here is the Shark Reef attraction which is a 362,000 gallon of the water tank and features fish, corals, and plant life where people can snorkel.

5. Chimelong Water Park

Established in the year 2006, Chimelong Water Park is in China and is one of the largest waterparks in Asia. It provides many attractions to its visitors where the Extreme River and Tornado Ride are famous. The park has been praised as one of the best waterparks in the world and it had begun humbly with a single resort.

4. Schlitterbahn 

Located in Texas, Schlitterbahn is one of the oldest waterparks which opened its doors in the year 1979. It differs from other waterparks where they don’t use chlorinated water, but they use filtered water from nearby rivers and releases back to the river. They have over 3 miles of tubing, uphill water coasters, and is the park that has the world’s first surfing machine.

3. Yas Water World

One of the famous waterparks in Yas Island, Abu Dhabi is Yas Water world. It has a wide variety of rides for thrill-seekers to people who want to spend their time.

They have around 43 rides which are split into Adrenaline Rush, Exciting Adventure, Moving and Grooving, and Young Fun which guests can choose based on their adrenaline response. Since its opening, the Yas Water World has been chosen as a must-visit in the Middle East.

2. Area 47

With nature and cutting-edge technology, Area 47 is in Innsbruck, Austria has a host of high rope courses, various water slides, diving platforms, and very good Austrian landscapes in the background. Set on a natural lake and river complex, Area 47 guests can go wakeboarding, water skiing, rafting, or canyoning down the wild waters of the Ötztal river for some real adrenaline.

1. World Water Park

One of the largest indoor water parks in the world, World Water Park is in a mall in Edmonton, Canada. One of the most impressive waterparks in the world is located at West Edmonton Mall and the water here is heated to 28°C for a year so the place is filled with tourists.

Thousands of people can enjoy the facility here however you need to check out the Tropical Typhoon, Nessie’s Revenge, and the Cyclone which are some of the best attractions at World Water Park.

Thousands of people can enjoy the facility here however you need to check out the Tropical Typhoon, Nessie’s Revenge, and the Cyclone which are some of the best attractions at World Water Park.

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