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2000 years old Computer discovered: Scientists were surprised

The strange wonders of the earth still remain a mysterious subject of science even in this advanced stage of technology. Many mysteries on the planet hidden beneath the earth are still unraveled.

Whether it is the magnificent structure of ancient temples or the events of the Ramayana Mahabharata or the amazing discoveries that were made during that time, the present science is challenging. The same thing we are going to tell you today. After reading what we are explaining you will be surprised and give some work to your brain for sure.

What you want to know is that scientists have found a secret computer that is almost 2000 years old. However, this object was not understood immediately by scientists. But the thing about carbon dating of this object date backs to the 2000-year-old. This computer is known to have been used to calculate stars at that time.

115 years ago, an archaeologist found a 2000-year-old object near the Greek island called the Antikythera. Among the treasure trophies, beautiful vases, pots, ornaments, and ancient bronze statues were found. Strangely, there were mounted brass gears and dials like the parts inside the watch that were mounted on those brass gears.

When the archaeologists assembled all these objects, they found a strange device, which they called Antikythera. It is the oldest technology in Greek and is said to be the world’s first computer. Google also highlighted this computer image on its doodle.

Scientists have already prepared a replica of this computer, and scientists have published a picture of it. Some scientists have commented that the good people of the time were very intelligent and they had a lot of information about science.

2000 years old Computer discovered, Unknown Facts
2000 years old Computer Replica

But some scientists have dismissed this outright, saying that if people were so smart at the time, they would have nothing to do with science and technology. What is your opinion on this?

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