3,350 Tonne Gold Mine Found in Uttar Pradesh, 5 Times India’s Total Gold Reserve

3,350 Tonne Gold Mine Found in Uttar Pradesh, 5 Times India's Total Gold Reserve, Gold Mine Found in UP, Latest Uttar Pradesh News, India
Gold Mine Found in Uttar Pradesh

In India, we import more Gold from other countries whatever maybe the price because we hardly have few Gold mines that is not sufficient, mean while good news for India. Uttarpradesh geologists found 3,350 tonne Gold mine which is 5 times India’s Gold reserve.

Two decades of research from the Geological Survey of India and the Department of Geology and Mines of the UP finally got to obtain two gold mines containing about 2,250 tons of gold ore in the Sonbhadra district affected by Naxalites. India’s current gold reserve is a total of 626 tons. This represents a great discovery that could be very beneficial for the UP State and India.

KK Rai, mining officer, told the ANI news agency: “The government plans to lease these deposits for mining, for which an investigation is under way.” Gold deposits were discovered in two places: the Sonpahadi field and the Hardi. GSI estimated gold deposits of 2,700 tons in Sonpahadi, while 650 tons in the Bold field.

The officials are not yet satisfied with the discovery, they are exploring other rare materials like Uranium, gold, diamond, platinum, phosphate, China clay, quartz, etc.

There are many unexplored places in UP which has to be found and moreover these discoveries helps in new employment generation and raise the state and central government income.

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