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A child slowly becoming a stone…!

The whole world is covered with many diseases. Every year a new virus comes and infects the human population. You have seen a person’s body turn red, black, yellow with many ailments. But because of the disease have you heard that one’s body becoming stone? Strange though it is true.

What we are going to tell you today is about such a strange disease… Ramesh, a 14-year-old boy in Nepal is suffering from this particular disease and he is slowly turning into stone! This disease is very rarely found.

The rare disease surprised after birth!

According to available information, he looked like other normal children when he was born, but 15 days later, he had this rare disease. This caused him to start looking like a stone. Gradually his soft skin changed into thicker – darker striped skin.

This disease is called Ichthyosis:

Now that child is 14 years old. He is slowly becoming like a stone statue because of this disease. No child likes playing with him because of his strange skin. Surprisingly and sadly, there is no cure for this disease.

Doctors say the disease is a fungal infection. In the language of science, the disease is named Ichthyosis. Ramesh’s parents work for daily wages, so they are unable to treat the child. Below is a video that gives you more information about the disease.

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