A Woman Becomes the First Person to Urinate Alcohol Due to a Rare Condition

A Woman Becomes the First Person to Urinate Alcohol Due to a Rare Condition, Urinate Alcohol , Women, Latest Health News, Pittsburgh
Women Urinate Alcohol

A 61-year woman from Pittsburgh is said to be one of the documented cases of having a rare medical condition of urinating alcohol. It is said that her bladder is a natural brew place.

Doctors call her condition as ‘bladder fermentation syndrome’ or ‘urinary auto-brewery syndrome‘ or similar name is an unusual rare condition. This can happen via auto-brewery syndrome, where simply ingesting carbohydrates can be enough to make you inebriated, even without consuming any alcohol via regular means.

Doctors became aware of her symptoms when they attended upon the patient who showed up with liver damage and diabetes. The woman who visited the University of Pittsburgh Medical Centre Presbyterian Hospital was on the liver transplant waitlist. However, when doctors checked for the urine test, the test came with alcohol positive every time.

“Initially, our encounters were similar, leading our clinicians to believe that she was hiding an alcohol use disorder,” said the doctors. He also added, “However, we noted that plasma test results for ethanol and urine test results for ethyl glucuronide and ethyl sulfate, which are the metabolites of ethanol, were negative, whereas urine test results for ethanol were positive.”

When checked the test showed the presence the large amounts of glucose in her urine which might have been with a condition called hyperglycosuria with traces of yeast in the samples.

These studies helped the doctors to check if the yeast has colonized her bladder which could ferment sugar and produce ethanol. Upon conducting many tests, the team found a high level of ethanol which suggests that this was due to yeast fermenting sugar in her bladder.

The yeast in her bladder was identified as Candida glabrata which is natural yeast found in the body however, there is no evidence that this yeast can be found in such abundant quantities.

The yeast cannot be controlled with anti-fungal treatment which might be due to the patients poorly controlled diabetes. However, she was reconsidered for the liver transplant.

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