Apple Spent Over $458 Billion in Sales, Says Study

Apple Spent Over $458 Billion in Sales, Apple Inc, Latest News, Business News, Apple Company Sales
Apple Spent Over $458 Billion in Sales

Apple Inc. on Monday released a study where it said that it spurred $458 billion in sales last year in categories such as physical goods, advertising etc from which the company takes no commission.

The study, which is backed by Apple Inc has sought to determine App Store activity which does not produce any commission to Apple. The commissions from the App store is the only way that the developers can distribute the apps to iPhone owners.

The app store generated $518 billion in billings out of which $413 billion was from physical goods and services, $45 billion from in-app advertising, and the rest from digital goods and services or by in-app purchases.

Apple Inc. takes commission between 15-30% for digital goods that are purchased via app store which the rival companies like Spotify Technology Ltd say that this practice hurts business. To avoid paying commissions Spotify must sign up for subscriptions on their website which is an extra step in Apple.

It is said that general retailing apps like Amazon generated an estimated $268 billion in sales and billing, this was soon followed by travel apps and then by ride-sharing apps.