As Covid Cases Surge, Staff From This Private Hospital Disappear

As Covid Cases Surge, Staff From This Private Hospital Disappear, Latest News, India, Bengaluru News, Covid Updates, Coronavirus
As Covid Cases Surge Staff From Private Hospital Disappear

In a recent video that has been circulated on social media comes a chilling video of a Private Hospital in Shivajinagar where there has been recording low hospital staff to treat COVID-19 patients.

The video when circulated flagged a major COVID-19 management crisis where the hospital which has 20 nurses and 44 doctors, has now left with 5 doctors and 12 nurses.

Dr. Taha Mateen, Managing trustee of HBS Hospital, Shivajinagar appealed in a video “Where are the doctors? They are all on WhatsApp. I urge all doctors to come out and discharge their duties,”

The hospital is struggling to take care of ICU patients which now has 1-2 staffers. The hospital has 8 patients suffering from SARI and is awaiting test results for COVID-19. 6 patients admitted are in ICU. “We’re an 80-bed hospital. We have sufficient beds to treat Covid-19 patients but we can’t admit more patients with just five doctors working here,” Dr. Mateen said.

He also mentioned a case of a man who was abandoned in the middle of the road by an Ambulance Driver where he said. “The man, in his 40s, was brought to our hospital around 2 am We stabilized his condition. His oxygen saturation level in blood was 84%, as against the normal 95% and above. We had to send him home as we don’t have the staff to take care of patients. We sent an oxygen cylinder to his house though his condition was stabilized,”

“It has been a virtual blood bath. It’s 7.30 am but appears like night. Just me and no more staffers in the ICU Patients are calling me as their father, mother, brother is unable to get a bed in Bengaluru. I have oxygen, beds, ventilators, I can admit 30 more patients, but where are doctors? I need just six hours of your time in a day.”

He continued saying that Army, Fire force, and police are in the frontline and in this form of crisis, the doctors are in the frontline where they should join hands and show care towards humanity.

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