At Nights The Leopard Was Meeting Cow Secretly, Wondering What Would Be The Reason?

At Nights The Leopard Was Meeting Cow Secretly, Cow, Leopard, Twitter, Trending News
Leopard Was Meeting Cow Secretly

Some of the pictures and videos on social media don’t even know why they go viral. Now a Cow and a cheetah photo going viral. This photo was shared by IFS Officer Sushant Nanda on his Twitter account.

Sushant has captioned it by sharing a photo “Prey & predator together”. For many days, the leopard had been sitting near the plant during the night. Because the Cheetah was been taken care of as a child by a Cow. The photo is from Antoli Town in Vadodara District.

Every person is amazed seeing this photo of a Cow with a leopard. And everyone was eager to know what was behind it.

The current photo is from 2002. The leopard was visiting every day when all the people were sleeping in the night. When the leopard come and sit close to the Cow, it was licking the cheetah’s neck, face, ears, and back. The scene looked like he was being pampered by the calf. Notably, the leopard had no difficulty with other animals in the vicinity. The leopard was coming, sitting for a while with the Cow and then slowly heading towards the forest.

Sometimes the business of animals changes. Animal experts believe that this type of change in the animal’s business is often caused. Maybe when the Leopard first came to Cow, it showed the care of a mother so the Leopard liked to come every day.

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