Atlas Cycle Company Closed The Door – Thousands of Employees Are On Street

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Atlas Cycle Company Shutdown

Lucknow: India’s most famous bicycle manufacturer, Atlas, has been shut down on the World Bicycle Day. Thousands of people are on the streets as a result of the closure of the doors without any notice.

The biggest factory in Uttar Pradesh’s Ghaziabad has been shut down, saying the company is shutting down due to heavy losses. From this, the last unit of India’s bicycle manufacturing company has also closed its doors.

The company was shut down for the past 2 months following the announcement of the Covid-19 lockdown. The company was opened on June 1. Employees came to the job with excitement. Employees who had worked for 2 days were shocked to see a notice on the main door of the company on the morning of work on June 3. The notice stated that the company was closed because it could not compensate for the financial loss.

Atlas Cycle Company Closed The Door
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The company had earlier closed its plant in Sonipat in May 2018 in Malanpur, Madhya Pradesh in February 2014. The Ghaziabad plant, which began in 1989, is Atlas’s largest unit, with a large number of workers working from its beginning. More than 2 lakh bicycles are manufactured here every month.

The company is closed without notice. Employees are in tears as to what they should do next. Employees have now moved to court, and the application will be heard on Friday.