Avrodh Web Series Review

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Avrodh Review

On 31st of July, 2020 Sony Liv a popular OTT platform of Sony Pictures Networks India released a web series called Avrodh: The Siege Within.

Avrodh: The Siege Within is a 9 episode military series starring Amit Sadh, Darshan Kumaar, Madhurima Tuli, and others which is based on a book called India’s Most Fearless by Shiv Aroor and Rahul Singh. The series explores the incidents that lead up to the Indian Army’s surgical strike on September 29, 2016, on militant launch pads across Line of Control (LOK) in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK).

The series has been directed by Raj Acharya and the web series does not deviate a lot from the book. The series quotes of Operation where Major Mike Tango a pseudonym of Para Special Forces officer who is helmed in the operation.

The series gets in line with a popular movie from Vicky Kaushal, Uri: The Surgical Strike where the series concentrates on the tactical and planning part of the attack. As it is based on the book,  we get to know what all goes into methodical planning before the attack. For a couple of episodes, in the beginning, we can witness what happens after the attack, how the army plans before retaliation and the series concentrates on the BTS to motivate the surgical strike that happened.

The series showcases how the terrorists infiltrated the army base camp and executed the deadly Uri Attack and the episodes showcase a soldier’s reaction to the loss of his fellow soldiers. And soon, the government intervenes and the bureaucratic forces determine the type of retaliation.

The bureaucracy is represented by the PM and other important members and the NSA led by  Shailesh Malviya forms a team of special forces where they discuss how to retaliate involves a lot of discussions which some times lead into an argument but everybody discusses on one thing which is what happened to the surgical strike where the nation spoke a lot.

The Indian government and intelligence receive messages from World Leaders of possible retaliation, however, the team okays with the retaliation headed by Major Videep Singh (Amit Sadh) and a group of chosen army men who forms a team to fight against the terrorists hidden in the base camp of LOC near POK. In the next couple of episodes, we see Amit Sadh growl, shout, and also sometimes smile being the leader of the mission.

When the mission is on the way, we see media intervention where the makers felt that the media is always nagging in their way of meeting and portray them as dangerous entities. Firebrand reporter Namrata Joshi (Madhurima Tuli) is the media representative of the film, and her character arc is, in a way, a reflection of sorts of today’s mainstream television media.

The series has targeted with nationalist pride in the line of the movie, however, they do justice for the movie as the makers carefully taught that the series should not be like the blockbuster movie but it concentrates on the planning part rather than execution part. Also, there are definitive punch dialogues where one can fill with pride and particularly a soldier says “The country owes us nothing, we owe everything to the country.”

For a series, Avrodh makes a good watch and remains grounded and makes a good watch, and as it is military series one will expect a lot of fight, nationalist pride and also respect soldiers for their sacrifice to the country.


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