Bengaluru Police to Take Measures to Save its Personnel

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Bengaluru Police to Take Measures to Save its Men

With ongoing pandemic crisis taking a major toll in the Capital city of Karnataka, Bengaluru it has been noted that many police personnel has been affected and many of the police stations have been shut down and sanitized. This has bought a sense of fear among higher officials as police personnel is important to maintaining law and order in society.

Several officers have been affected by the coronavirus and out of which 3 of them have died, in order to keep the police personnel safe Bengaluru Police Commissioner Bhaskar Rao has ordered setting up of kiosks outside the police station where complaints can be taken. Also, the public can maintain social distancing.

On Sunday the commissioner issued 10 orders to his senior officers and police stations to keep their close circle and family safe from COVID-19.

In his orders he said

The police must screen each person walking into the station and direct them to kiosk if necessary, also no other person apart from Police should enter the station. Every person should be directed to the kiosk which should have sufficient chairs to both police and public.

All people aged 55 and above with a history of diabetes, BP or any other chronic diseases should be granted leave under home quarantine. They should step out of the house under necessary conditions and should not leave the city under any circumstances.

He asked the head of police stations to provide regular updates to DCP to ensure police personnel is following strict home quarantine rules.

Home guards should be acting like replacement officers so that regular police activity is not affected.

All police personnel should regularly use Hand sanitizers, PPE kits and Hoysala, Cheetah vehicles should not be used for regular patrolling work but should be used only to attend complaints.

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