Bengaluru Will Get 400 Ambulances and 1 Lakh Test Kits

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Bengaluru Will Get 400 Ambulances and 1 Lakh Test Kits

Bengaluru that has been making news recently due to the rising number of Covid-19 cases is said to get over 400 Ambulance and over 1 lakh test kits.

The state government on Friday said that they will allot 400 ambulances for COVID-19 duty across 198 wards of Bangalore. 1 lakh antigen test kits will be procured and task forces will be formed to ensure faster test results.

Home Minister Mr. Basavaraj Bommai said every ward will have 2 dedicated ambulances. “About 785 extra beds will be identified in government hospitals for COVID patients. Guidelines will be issued for the handling of dead bodies,” he told reporters.

The COVID task force in the state met on Friday and decided that asymptomatic and mildly symptomatic COVID patients can be isolated at home if they met certain guidelines.  The home quarantine patients must have separate room and restroom, the period of home quarantine is 17 days, and if the patient experiences fever more than 3 days then the quarantine period will be extended 7 more days.

Speaking to reporters, medical education minister Dr. K Sudhakar said “A total of 8,800 booth-level task forces will be formed across 28 Assembly constituencies of Bengaluru. IAS officer Shalini Rajneesh will head a task force that will ensure that test results come in 24 hours.”

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