Best Facebook Ads Course | Beginner to Advance – Day 1

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Best Facebook Ads Course Free

I have designed this article even though you have zero knowledge in Facebook Marketing, I will start from the very basic level, and at the end, you will become an expert in Facebook marketing.

There are many platforms available online but why Facebook ads are important?

You and I are using Facebook and its other apps every day, do you want to know which are the other apps?

Yes, the Facebook company owns 4 main apps namely Facebook, Watsapp, Instagram, and Messanger, now you may be thinking like I know I use it every day, yeah!

Tell me one thing if you are running any business or you are handling your client’s business, what do you think about whether your customers are using these platforms or not? I’m sure more than 90% will be using all these apps as their daily routine.

Why we have to use these platforms? Because most of the Internet users are on these platforms and they spend more time here and this will be the best option to target your customers with ads and grow your business.

If the businesses want to reach out to their customers through these platforms, how is it possible? Well before it was easy because even Facebook wants to see more engagement happening in their social media site so your post was reaching organically to more and more people but it was limited as they grow. So what’s the next option?

These platforms not only gives the option to connect with people they also do business do you know how? I’ll explain don’t worry. Facebook keeps all user data, they will track the behavior of every individual and make the data sets based on different categories and subsets like Age group, Countries, Interest, Buying Behaviour, etc. So they allow the businesses to use their data to target your ads, from the money you spend on Ads for Facebook is the main income source for them.

From analyzing the trend in the market this is the right time to use this opportunity to grow your followers, create a brand online, and grow your business. Within a few years, the ads will become costlier and you may have difficulties in marketing so grab the opportunity you have right now!

Since this is Day 1 of the Facebook Ads Course, I am ending here and meet you with more knowledgeful stuff you ever have. Bye…Bye…

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