Big Snake Found in Ghaziabad ATM: Be Cautious!

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Snake Found in Ghaziabad ATM

Ghaziabad: Be Cautious when you enter any ATM because recently a video was viral which was from Ghaziabad, it makes us think twice to enter ATM not only fear of thieves, this video makes us fear from snakes as well.

Recently another incident happened in State Bank of India ATM where a monkey came and damaged the ATM machine, Police were shocked when they saw in CCTV and was viral on social media, now it’s the time for the snake to go viral again. This incident happened in ICICI bank ATM in Ghaziabad where the snake was hiding inside the machine.

This video is from the place called Govindapuri in Gaziabad, for some time the snake moving everywhere in front of ATM, then it went above the screen and went inside a hole. This video was shot by the customers standing outside the ATM and has been uploaded on social media. After this incident, the security closed the door and stopped customers to enter ATM.

After some time people from Forest Department came and catch the snake safely, they even said it is not a poisonous snake.

Anyways you have to be careful when you are in ATMs from now on, thousands of people commented linking with the recent corona situation to this video after it was uploaded.