What is Carcinophobia? Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Carcinophobia, The Fear of Getting Cancer, phobia, Causes of Carcinophobia, Treatment, Symptoms of Carcinophobia

Carcinophobia is a fear of Cancer. It is one of the phobias where the patient undergoes anxiety about developing cancer. It can cause a feeling of sadness, fear, panic, and distress for the patient who on the sight of witnessing a cancer patient. In some cases, people who suffer from this phobia might go to extreme levels to avoid any contact with the cancer patient.

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Causes of Carcinophobia

The causes of Carcinophobia might be because of the person who might have witnessed the cancer patient or might have contracted the disease earlier. Most cancer patients suffer mild symptoms of Carcinophobia due to their sufferings that happened earlier.

Symptoms of Carcinophobia

The signs of carcinophobia include

  • Getting into depression.
  • Getting obsessive over health.
  • They lack future planning.
  • They fear of death.


Although this is the phobia that might occur in previous cancer survivors, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is the treatment recommended to overcome the fear.

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