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How to Build a Career in Indian Real Estate? Career Options

Today, this real estate business can be considered as one of the most lucrative and profitable career options. Although a few years ago India was really lagging behind even compared to many developing countries, now in the current scenario, this real estate business is gaining great popularity.

Therefore, those who are really frustrated and confused about their future career option by thinking Is real estate a good career in India? this option can be fruitful. This article will highlight various dimensions of real estate activity as a career. I will help you to know what all the opportunities available to start a successful career in this business.

What Is Real Estate?

Real estate is actually a business term that involves any transaction made on land that can be buying or selling the land or provide rent on that land. Land or property is the most profitable and long-term asset. Over time, the price of land will increase more and more.

Today, India is industrializing naturally; demand for land is increasing at an alarming rate. Now there was a convention that this business was not transparent, there were several behind-acts that give a bad notion of ​​this business, but now professionalism makes this business more transparent. Even for registration of the property, it was hard for the government to track but now with the help of the Aadhar Card and OTP system, every individual will be tracked easily.

Real Estate as a career and its future prospects

Many professional real estate companies are involved in this activity and therefore need professionals. For this reason, this business has a high academic prospect. Many institutes offer courses on real estate.

In the course, you will gain an in-depth understanding of the dynamics of the stock market, real estate and infrastructure, real estate management, real estate ethics, real estate financing, and valuation techniques, etc. It also highlights certain legal aspects such as real estate law, local economy, housing law.

Career fields in Real Estate

1. Residential Real Estate Broker: The broker plays a very important role. Generally, they take care of the properties of individuals and act as intermediaries and establish a link between buyer and seller. Thay carry Mediation procedures continued and more commissions.

2. Commercial Real Estate Agent: By the name itself you can guess that it is actually a commercial business, which means it is dealing with industries, offices, shopping centers, etc.

3. Real Estate Appraiser: The real estate appraiser actually looks at the market value of the property as well as the value of the investment made by investors or developers and also the tax value.

4. Real Estate Investment Consultant: These consultants from a real estate group advise investors and suggest the best investment plans.

5. Project development experts: they generally advise in planning for developers on various real estate and building projects

6. Land developers: these land developers generally opt for the purchase of large land area and construct the buildings and residents to sell and earn profits

7. Urban planners: They go to the survey of the city or town to analyze the current scenario of the place and then start in-depth planning on the improvement of urban life, this type most likely the state governments hire certain people to do so.

Therefore, by reading these Real Estate Career Opportunities, you can take different courses on the mentioned topics. Some of the famous institutes are REMI – Real Estate Management Institute, Institute of Real Estate and Finance, and IILM Institute for Higher Education. Therefore, a career in real estate can definitely increase your professional background.

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