National Water Grid - Interlinking of Rivers in India

National Water Grid – Interlinking of Rivers in India

The National Water Grid is a perspective plan for the transfer between watersheds from surplus basins to deficit basins by Interlinking of Rivers in India, Indo-Gangetic Plains witness devastating...
Geographical basis of Indian Federalism

Geographical Basis of Indian Federalism

Before knowing the Geographical basis of Indian Federalism, let us see understand what is Federalism? "It is a form of governmental structure in which central and state governments co-exist with...
Environmental Impact Assessment, eia in india, objectives of eia, eia process, importance of environmental impact assessment, environmental impact assessment india, environmental impact assessment process, objectives of environmental impact assessment, environmental impact assessment upsc, purpose of environmental impact assessment, steps in Environmental Impact Assessment process

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Here, you will understand the purpose of Environment Impact Assessment. Let us know what is EIA (Environment Impact Assessment)? EIA is the assessment and evaluation of environmental effects of proposed...
Geopolitics of Indian Ocean, Geopolitics of Indian Ocean upsc, Geopolitics of Indian Ocean and South Asia, indian ocean problems and prospects, indian ocean problems and prospects

Geopolitics of Indian Ocean and South Asia

Before knowing Geopolitics of Indian Ocean and South Asia let us understand what is Geopolitics? The formation of political strategies based on geopolitical facts to obtain special political or...
International Boundaries of India And Related Disputes

International Boundaries of India and Related Issues

India is the land of diversity as we all know, not only people even land also diversified in the north, east, west and south with land and marine borders,...

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Victoria Memorial, victoria memorial information, victoria memorial history, Architecture of Victoria Memorial, victoria memorial timings, who built victoria memorial, victoria memorial inside

Victoria Memorial

Victoria Memorial was built by the British to honor their Queen Victoria and also the Empress of India at that time, Queen Victoria. Victoria Memorial...
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Amber Fort – Jaipur

Amber Fort is a historic monument located in the city of Jaipur. Jaipur is famous for its historic forts and palaces and a very important...
Photography Invention, History of Photography Invention, When did Photography come to India

Photography Invention (1826)

The invention of photography, we remember Joseph Nicéphore Niépce, because he uses light-sensitive chemicals to take the first photograph for the first time. Photography is...