Narasimham Committee on Banking Sector Reforms, First Narasimham Committee, Second Narasimham Committee, Banking Sector Reforms in India, narasimham committee upsc

Recommendations of the Narasimham Committee on Banking Sector Reforms

The Narasimham committee on banking sector reforms plays a vital role in the Banking sector growth and the government directed this committee for 2 times once in 1991 and...
Inclusive growth, Inclusive growth in india, features of inclusive growth, inclusive growth in india issues and challenges, inclusive growth challenges and opportunities, inclusive growth and issues arising from it in india, inclusive growth in india essay

Inclusive Growth in India

Inclusive Growth in India is a wider concept that creates equal opportunities for economic participants during economic growth, with benefits for all sections of the society. Dimensions of Inclusive Growth...
Importance of Agricultural Marketing in India, government measures to improve agricultural marketing in india, Agricultural Marketing, features of Agricultural Marketing, measures of Agricultural Marketing, meaning

Importance of Agricultural Marketing in India and Government Measures

Agricultural marketing is the involvement of assembling, storing, processing, packaging, grading, transportation, and distribution of agricultural commodities from the farmers to the end consumers. Problems Faced by the Farmers with...
Five year plan, Types of Five Year Plan in India, First Five Year Plan, Second Five Year Plan, Third Five Year Plan, Annual Plan, Fourth Five Year Plan, Fifth Five Year Plan, Rolling Plan, Sixth Five Year Plan, Seventh Five Year Plan, Annual Plan, Eight Five Year Plan, Ninth Five Year Plan, Tenth Five Year Plan, Eleventh Five Year Plan, Twelfth Five year plan

Five Year Planning in India

Five Year Plan is a predetermined goal to achieve for the upcoming years with a planned strategy and budget allocation along with the estimation of income and expenses drafted...
Problems of Agricultural labour in India, Socio-Economic Problems of Agricultural labour in India, Government Measures to Solve Agricultural Labour problems in India

Explain-Socio Economic Problems of Agricultural Labour in India

The Socio-Economic conditions of agricultural labour are very poor, Agricultural labour is one who works for daily wages, unorganized and most of them come from lower castes and they...
Functions of Reserve Bank of India, RBI functions, Functions of Reserve Bank of India UPSC, Indian Economy

Explain the Functions of Reserve Bank of India

Today let us learn the Functions of RBI (Reserve Bank of India) known as Bankers Bank and it is the central bank of the country. It was created on...
economic planning in india, Economic Planning Models, economics, Features of economic planning in india, history of economic planning in india, Importance of Economic Planning in India, Latest News on Economic Planning in India, mixed economy, Objectives of Economic Planning in India, Steps Involved in Economic Planning in India, Types of Economic Planning in India

Economic Planning in India

{ "@context": "", "@type": "FAQPage", "mainEntity": } One, Two, Three... oh sorry I was busy counting, 'Yes' we need Economic Planning in India because we use Economics...

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Indian Freedom Fighters : List of 100 Freedom Fighters of India

The Freedom Fighters of India were individuals who fought for freedom and actively participating in our national movement in India to get rid of...
blogging for beginners, What is a blog, what is blogging, What is blogging and how does it work, Difference between blog and website, past present and future of blogging, benefits of blogging, types of blogs, history of blogs, how to start a blog

What is a Blog? Ultimate Guide for Beginners & Bloggers

Welcome to all upcoming bloggers and the bloggers who are passionate about your work, I think you heard the term "Blog" that's why you...
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First World War (1914 – 1918)

The First World War, also known as World War 1, is an international conflict held on 1914-18, led to most European nations, Russia, the...
Powers and Functions of Lok Sabha; what is lok Sabha

Powers and Functions of Lok Sabha

The Lok Sabha or the House of the People is the lower house of the Parliamentary system of India. The members of Lok Sabha are...
Top 10 National Awards in India, Top 10 Awards in India, Top 10 Prestigious National Awards in India, Sahitya Akademi Award, Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar Award, Ashoka Chakra Award, Dadasaheb Phalke Award, Arjuna Award, Param Vir Chakra, Padma Shri, Padma Bhushan, Padma Vibhushan, Bharat Ratna

Top 10 Prestigious National Awards in India

Each country appreciates and recognizes the efforts of its citizens likewise India also identify and grant them different categories of rewards. The rewards are honored...
emergency in india, conclusion of emergency, effects of emergency in india, causes and consequences of emergency in india, emergency provisions in indian constitution, how many times financial emergency declared in india, Reasons for emergency in india in 1975, why was emergency declared in india in 1975, types of emergency in india, history of emergency in india, national emergency, state emergency

National Emergency in India (1962-1977)

Do you know why was Emergency in India took place in 1975, India is the World's Biggest Democracy, which has given the fundamental rights in...