Tilka Manjhi, Tilka Manjhi born, Tilka Manjhi images

Tilka Manjhi (1750 – 1785)

Tilka Manjhi was a first fighter and a person who rebelled against British rule even before Mangal Pandey. He became a martyr(a person killed because of their belief) in...
Surendranath Banerjee, Surendranath Banerjee biography, Surendranath Banerjee history, Surendranath Banerjee contributions, Surendranath Banerjee freedom fighter

Surendranath Banerjee (1848 – 1925)

Surendranath Banerjee was an active freedom fighter who had born in Calcutta, later became a politician as well in the British ruling period and he was opposing them. National Indian...
Bhagat Singh , history, essay, freedom fighters

Bhagat Singh Rajguru Sukhdev Life Story – “Inquilab Zindabad”

Bhagat Singh was a young and brave person who contributed in the freedom struggle, later were hanged to death in the Lahore Central Jail. 87 years later, the country still...
Jawaharlal Nehru, jawaharlal nehru history, jawaharlal nehru essay, jawaharlal nehru information, jawaharlal nehru biography, jawaharlal nehru death

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru (1889 – 1964)

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru is a remarkable figure in the history of India not only because of his modern vision but also because of his versatile personality. In addition, he has...
Taraknath das, indian independence league taraknath das, Taraknath das history

Taraknath Das (1884 – 1958)

Taraknath Das was an important name who was an internationalist and anti-British scholar. He was involved in activities to liberate India and make it independent from British rule. During his...
chandra shekhar azad, chandra shekhar azad history, chandra shekhar azad death, chandra shekhar azad family, chandra shekhar azad information, chandra shekhar azad quotes, chandra shekhar azad

Chandra Shekhar Azad (1906 – 1931)

Chandra Shekhar Azad commonly known as Azad was a great fighter for the freedom of India. His courage and his extreme patriotism served as inspiration for the Indians to...
ullaskar dutta,ullaskar dutta history, ullaskar dutta biography, ullaskar dutta freedom fighter, ullaskar dutta later life

Ullaskar Dutta (1885 – 1965)

Ullaskar Dutta An attractive personality with an optimistic outlook, Ullaskar Dutta is one of the precious men of the Indian freedom movement. He was a revolutionary, who did not hesitate...
Bhupendranath Datta, bhupendranath datta history, bhupendranath datta biography, bhupendranath datta information, bhupendranath datta death, contribution

Bhupendranath Datta (1880 – 1961)

Bhupendranath Datta is a very important personality in the history of India being an active member on many issues who was even good at writing and wrote many books...
Sidhu Murmu, Sidhu Murmu biography, Sidhu Murmu freedom fighter, Sidhu Murmu history, Sidhu Murmu tribal fighter

Sidhu Murmu (1855–1856)

Sidhu Murmu was a well-known name of the Santhal rebellion who fought against British rule and the corruption caused by the upper castes and zamindars in the part that...
Tennis Basics, tennis, begining tennis

Tennis Basics : Learn The Fundamentals of Tennis

For those of you who are considering becoming a tennis professional or simply interested in the basics of tennis, this article is informative for you. It is a good idea...

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Red Fort, Red Fort Information, History of Red Fort, Architecture of Red Fort, Timings, Facts, Red Fort Delhi

Red Fort – New Delhi

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List of Rivers in Karnataka, Rivers in Karnataka, karnataka rivers information, karnataka rivers and dams, how many rivers in karnataka name them, Krishna River, Kaveri River, Ghataprabha River, Malaprabha River, Bhima River, Tungabhadra River, Doni River, Arkavati River, Suvarnavathi River, Hemavati River, Harangi River, Kabini River, Shimsha River, Palar River, Kali River, Gangavalli River, Sharavati River, Aghanashini River, Netravati River, Varahi River, Sita River, Swarna River, Mahadayi River, Manjira River

List of Rivers in Karnataka

There are 7 main river systems in Karnataka, with their tributaries: Godavari, Krishna, Cauvery, North Pennar, South Pennar, Palar and West Flowing Rivers. We are...
Facebook Instagram WhatsApp Down, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp

Facebook Instagram WhatsApp Down

Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp users face sudden technical issues in India and across the globe where people are fear whether it is hacked. WhatsApp, Instagram,...
Statue of Liberty, History of Statue of Liberty, Where did the Statue of Liberty Come From, Statue of Liberty Today, Statue of Liberty Facts

Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty, officially called Liberty Enlightening the World, is a monument that symbolizes the United States. The statue is placed near the entrance to...