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Prafulla Chaki, Prafulla Chaki freedom fighter, Prafulla Chaki biography, Prafulla Chaki history, Prafulla Chaki death

Prafulla Chaki (1888 – 1908)

Prafulla Chaki was a young revolutionary, who played a crucial role in organizing activities, who opposed British rule in India. He worked as a member...
Ram Prasad Bismil, Ram Prasad Bismil biography, Ram Prasad Bismil death, ram prasad bismil books, ram prasad bismil freedom fighter

Ram Prasad Bismil (1897 – 1927)

Ram Prasad Bismil was one among the main freedom fighters and an Indian revolutionary. He was the person who actively participated in the Mainpuri...
Dinesh Gupta, Dinesh Gupta biography, Dinesh Gupta history, Dinesh Gupta achievements, Dinesh Gupta death, Dinesh Gupta freedom fighter

Dinesh Gupta (1911 – 1931)

Dinesh Gupta was a fervent revolutionary in Bengal, who fought aggressively against colonial rule. He was born in Josholong (Bangladesh) on December 6, 1911. He...
Karyanand Sharma, Karyanand Sharma freedom fighter, Karyanand Sharma biography, Karyanand Sharma history, Karyanand Sharma information, Karyanand Sharma death;

Karyanand Sharma (1901 – 1965)

Karyanand Sharma was a prominent freedom fighter and a great revolutionary leader who led several movements against the zamindars and the British government of...
Yamuna Karjee, Yamuna Karjee freedom fighter, Yamuna Karjee biography, Yamuna Karjee history, Yamuna Karjee life story;

Yamuna Karjee (1898 – 1953)

Yamuna Karjee was a freedom fighter, an independence activist and a patriot in India, who enthusiastically participated in the Indian freedom movement. Karjee was very...
Raj Narain, Raj Narain history, Raj Narain biography, Raj Narain freedom fighter

Raj Narain (1917 – 1986)

Raj Narain is a prominent political name, which finds its glorious presence in pre-independence and post-independence India. His popularity among the people was so widespread...
Ganesh Dutt Singh, Ganesh Dutt Singh biography, Ganesh Dutt Singh history, Ganesh Dutt Singh freedom fighter

Ganesh Dutt Singh (1868 – 1943)

Ganesh Dutt Singh was a great Indian fighter for freedom, politician, Indian administrator, and educator. As a director, he has cordially contributed to the...
Shriram Sharma, Shriram Sharma freedom fighter, Shriram Sharma history, Shriram Sharma biography, Shriram Sharma information;

Shriram Sharma (1911 – 1990)

Shriram Sharma was a renowned philanthropist, a thinker, and fighter for the spiritual freedom of the highest pedestal. He was a great reformer, who worked...
Baikuntha Shukla, Baikuntha Shukla freedom fighter, Baikuntha Shukla biography, Baikuntha Shukla history, Baikuntha Shukla death, Baikuntha Shukla birth

Baikuntha Shukla (1907 – 1934)

Baikuntha Shukla belonged to a family, which had already given India a capable fighter for freedom. His name was Yogendra Shukla, one of the famous...
Manmath Nath Gupta, Manmath Nath Gupta biography, Manmath Nath Gupta freedom fighter, Manmath Nath Gupta history

Manmath Nath Gupta (1908 – 2000)

Manmath Nath Gupta is a visionary who fought against British along with other Revolutionaries but his one mistake made him suffer in his entire...