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International Boundaries of India

International Boundaries of India and Related Issues

India is the land of diversity as we all know, not only people even land also diversified in the north, east, west and south...
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Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Here, you will understand the purpose of Environment Impact Assessment. Let us know what is EIA (Environment Impact Assessment)? EIA is the assessment and evaluation...
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National Emergency in India (1962 – 1977)

Do you know why was Emergency in India took place in 1975? India is the World's biggest Democracy, which has given the fundamental rights...
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Direct Benefits Transfer : Elimination of Middlemen Scheme

Direct Benefits Transfer(DBT) is an attempt to improve the mechanism of transferring subsides launched by GOI in 2013. This aims to transfer subsidies( for kerosene,...
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Inclusive Growth in India

Inclusive Growth in India is a wider concept that creates equal opportunities for economic participants during economic growth, with benefits for all sections of...
Geographical basis of Indian Federalism

Geographical Basis of Indian Federalism

Before knowing the Geographical basis of Indian Federalism, let us see what is Federalism? It is a form of governmental structure in which central and...
Why GDP Growth is Important for the Objective of Inclusion

Why GDP Growth is Important for the Objective of Inclusion?

Why GDP Growth is Important for the Objective of Inclusion? If this was your question then we gonna solve this, Sometimes planners are criticized...
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Linguistic Reorganisation of States After Independence in India

The Reorganisation of States did not happen overnight, let us understand some background reasons for the cause took place. In 1947, India as an independent nation...
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12 Principles of Animation

If you notice children in your home they are so attached to the cartoons, why children? you also were so much attached with cartoons...
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Decolonization (1945–1960)

The European powers exploited the resources of what came to be known as the third world countries and subjugated their people for about four...