China Inspects Food Imports Due to the Fear of Coronavirus

China Inspects Food Imports Due to the Fear of Coronavirus, Latest Corona News, World News, China
China Inspects Food Imports Due to Pandemic

In recent news, China is now inspecting the food imports over the fear of Coronavirus as fresh cases of Coronavirus have rampaged the capital city of Beijing which has led to the closing of one of the largest food markets in the country. Experts suggested that the new coronavirus shares the similarities with European strain.

Experts and health authorities have been checking everyone which includes thousands of people for a possible new wave of coronavirus and the government has ordered for closure of wet markets, food markets, schools, and colleges over the fresh cases of coronavirus which has been rising rapidly.

In a fresh case on Friday, Beijing reported over 25 new cases and the total number of infected has been around 183. The authorities have shared the latest genome to WHO and the International Scientific community of Thursday.

Zhang Yong of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention said that the ‘initial findings suggest that it came from Europe, but it differs from what currently it is spreading’.

Zhang raised that the possibility is through the virus which may have been present in the frozen food or the wholesale market itself.

The virus was discovered in the chopping board of imported salmon in the Xinfadi market which is one of the largest markets in the country. On Friday officials said to dispose of any frozen food or food packets bought from Xinfadi, the market has been shut down until further notice.

China has launched a nation-wide drive to inspect the imported fresh products kept in cold containers from high-risk countries. It has suspended the food imports from German meat company Toennies where it is said that an employee has tested positive for Coronavirus.

Scientists at present are advising consumers to not touch raw food or meat and be aware of the hygiene before preparing the food.