China Reported New Cases of Coronavirus

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China Reported New Coronavirus Cases

China on Sunday reported fresh cases of Coronavirus which prompted the authorities to close down a huge market in Beijing. It is said that a fresh 57 cases have been reported which is the largest in what has been said as a second wave of coronavirus infection and this has been the highest which the country has reported within 2 months.

The cases are said to have originated in a wholesale market in Beijing. The market called Xinfadi which is one of the largest food markets in Asia and the reports of Coronavirus has caused Chinese authorities to selectively lock down the market and keep the people under observation. This has sparked a debate as to how the country restricting cases and returning to normalcy will be on hold and possible will be at risk for a new wave of infections.

It is said that there were almost 0 cases for 2 months in Beijing and on Friday, 12th of June 1 case was reported. But on Saturday fresh cases soar dramatically which made authorities swiftly act and close the Xinfadi Food Market which is said to be the source of infection.

“Our preliminary assessment is the virus came from overseas,” Yang Peng, a government epidemiologist, told state media, according to Reuters. “We still can’t determine how it got here. It might’ve been on contaminated seafood or meat, or spread from the faeces of people inside the market.”

The capital city authorities quickly took the known methods as the officials describe the measures were equivalent to a wartime approach.

Authorities closed the Xinfadi Market early Sunday and also enforced lockdown to a dozen residential communities near the market by installing the fence to block roads that lead to apartment buildings that are situated nearby to the market.

Despite these strict enforcements, the virus has already spread beyond Beijing as it has been reported that there are at least 2 confirmed cases in neighboring Liaoning province where contact tracing leads to people from Xinfadi Market.