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Common Myths About Virtual Reality

Myths About Virtual Reality: For some people, the words “Augmented Reality” mean very little. It’s too complicated and futuristic, but words continue to circulate in the office and in the industry news.

People think a lot about augmented reality and what they could do, without realizing that they are currently making changes.

In the world of digital technology, few elements capture the human imagination, such as virtual reality, and this probably brings us closer to the world of dreams.

We are surprised how disruptive virtual reality has become a technology due to its impact on industries around the world in a variety of sectors, from social networks to games, from architecture to medical care.

#1 VR Reduces the Manpower

This is one of the most frequent myths in the gaming industry for many years. People have never fully accepted the idea that someone who plays video games on a sofa for long hours is nothing more than a stereotype.

In fact, there are many applications in the markets that use virtual reality for an enveloping physical state and physical exercises such as Fitbit for a new era of virtual sports such as Holoball and Holopoint.

In general, ARs can be used to encourage users to exercise more than the other way around.

#2 It Is Expensive To Implement

There are more companies are starting to use augmented reality in their promotional campaigns. Customers are often attracted to the novelty of the product. Therefore, the use of augmented reality has high performance.

However, if you want your customers to enjoy a good augmented reality experience, you should invest a large part of your budget.

In addition to promotion, it is less expensive to implement AR in product development. With the release of software such as Vuforia Studio Enterprise, it is no longer necessary for companies to use code experts to implement the AR.

Vuforia Studio combines Creo 3D resources 3D with another modeling, animation and 3D sequence tools to facilitate the creation, operation, and maintenance of connected products.

With access to this easy-to-use technology, it is expected to be increasingly common to use AR as part of the product development process.

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#3 It’s Just For Gaming

Virtual reality is only for gaming, right? Wrong! It is true that virtual reality is one of the most exciting developments in the video game industry in recent years, but it has potential in a large number of sectors.

It is already used in television and in movies, with important sporting events offered in virtual reality worldwide. You’ll also find VR-compatible videos on the web, including YouTube.

Industries around the world can harness the power of virtual reality. It is an excellent training tool to help workers perform potentially dangerous tasks. Its marketing uses are also numerous.

Virtual reality is even used in the medical profession to treat physical and mental injuries. Only for games? No Way.

#4 Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) Both Are The Same

Although both are related, AR and VR are completely different experiences. AR aims to improve a user’s experience by placing new content in this lived experience. On the other hand, virtual reality completely obscures the vision (and often the ear), immersing the user in a completely new environment.

The only similar thing between AR and VR is that both improve the user experience with 3D content. Use cases, technologies, and challenges are very different.

For example, the experiences of RA and virtual reality are quite contrasting. Virtual reality requires dedicated headphones, such as Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, which must be connected to a powerful computer due to computer requirements. Since mobility is limited and the user’s vision is obscured, the user is generally limited to a single pre-mapped room to avoid clashes.

#5 The Trend will Go Soon…

Trends come and go like the seasons, but virtual reality is here to stay. When video game consoles appeared on the scene, people said the same thing, but 2018 is expected to be fast and the virtual reality game reaches $ 45.09 billion by 2025.

The film, music and games industry has been successful in the use of technologies for marketing, video clips, location-based gaming experiences, fitness games, and fitness equipment. The intersection of virtual reality with the entertainment and fitness industry will change the landscape of the game in the coming years.


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