Due to the grim situation in the world with rising cases of Coronavirus, a 2011 movie about the spread of a virus named Contagion is climbing the Google Trends chart recently.

The movie starts with a person who gets infected by a rare disease returns to the USA and dies, soon after the character dies even a small child gets infected and dies the same day, thus beginning the spread of the disease and cases happening worldwide.

A similar case is happening recently that is COVID-19 and people are buying, streaming the cinema which is nearly 9 years old. Contagion stars Matt Damon, Jude Law, Kate Winslet, Gwyneth Paltrow and is directed by Steven Soderbergh released in the year 2011.

The film is topping the charts and it has been surging in rentals and piracy websites worldwide. According to piracy analytics, the movie had over 30,000+ search visits when the coronavirus cases were steadily rising.

“Although not an especially high number compared to the piracy numbers for blockbuster titles, the average daily visits for ‘Contagion’ increased by an astonishing 5,609% in January 2020 compared to December 2019,” says Andy Chatterley CEO of MUSO which is a piracy analytics company.

Contagion is currently not available on Netflix however it is available to rent or buy at Google Play, Youtube, Vudu, Amazon Prime Video, etc.

After the movie gained popularity, its writer Scott Burns told that people are asking him questions related to Coronavirus. “I’m alarmed when people choose to ask a screenwriter for advice, rather than a doctor,” He said to a print media recently.

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