Control Over Work-Life Balance Helps to Manage After-Hour Work Stress

Control Over Work-Life Balance Helps to Manage After-Hour Work Stress, Work Life Balance, Business, Personal Life, Health News, Latest
Work-Life Balance Helps After-Hour Work Stress

With our current lives constantly circling around work, technology and its advancements that are instilled in our work environment. We are constantly surrounded by work-related items such as laptop, smartphones, or a tablet in hand.

The disadvantage of being surrounded by the work environment is that there is no non-work boundary and it increases the cases of stress and mental health woes which might cause issues if the worker has no work-life balance.

These advances are so powerful that it will lead a few people to believe that the representatives should be present at all times, and this type of after-work interruptions are unfortunate and in a recent study it suggests that the go-to attitude has a significant downside in the form of increased job stress.

YoungAh Park, a professor of labor and employment relations at Illinois said, We asked about their weekly work intrusion involving technology, specifically their after-hours work – whether they were expected to respond to work-related messages and emails immediately, and whether they were contacted about work-related issues after hours.”

When scientists asked teachers adoption of work-life balance where the tactic of keeping work-related email alerts turned off it resulted in lower perceptions of weekly work intrusion.

The co-author of the study Yihao Liu said, “The study builds on recent scholarship on how coping with off-hours occupational demands is becoming an increasingly important issue for workers.”

“Managing work-life balance with boundary control is not only helpful to you and your family but could also be an asset to your colleagues as they may also have to read and reply to messages going out and return that people send after the workday. Establishing a good border between work and daily life will help more people and more stakeholders. In general, it is essential that people manage their working life limits for their health and well-being, but also their productivity and even colleagues’ productivity.”

“Weekly stress symptoms involving a work intrusion can be alleviated by a supervisor who supports the work-life balance of employees. Or conversely, this can worsen if a clientele expects employees to be always accessible and available. ”

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