An event that was supposed to be held called “Doing Business Under Coronavirus” which was supposed to be held on Friday at New York is canceled due to the fear of infection itself. The Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) has mentioned that they canceled upcoming in-person conferences that were scheduled from March 11 – April 3 which included roundtable conferences supposed to be held in New York City and Washington and other various US cities.

This latest cancellation of an event is included in various other events/meetings and other functions being canceled due to the fear of Covid-19. This includes the New York Auto Show etc.

The events in New York City are being scrutinized heavily due to the increasing cases in the city and particularly in the suburbs of New Rochelle. It has been noted that across the USA, over 50 major corporate events have been affected which by estimate was supposed to be attended by over 1 million attendees.

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