Coronavirus: First Country To Warn China

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Coronavirus: First Country To Warn China

The Coronavirus has taken its toll on the globe, and everyone knows that this virus originated in the Wuhan region of China. All countries are now boycotting China for creating such a terrible virus.

There have been rumors that China has created the coronavirus as a result of the virus being born all over China and now spreading across all countries, economically shrinking to many countries.

Many people have doubts that China had found its drug before the virus was born. The coronavirus has now spread to Spain, including the United States, Italy, Germany, Japan, and Britain, where it is now unable to prevent the death toll.

British Foreign Secretary Dominique Robb has warned China by asking many questions about the coronavirus being spread, saying China should answer a question we haven’t asked, and explain how the virus originated. This raises questions about how China was able to get out of such a crisis, and how the Uhan region could return to normal condition sooner.

The world needs to know what China has done in its country and its mysterious secrets so that the situation can be taken control through the field of science. Britain’s foreign secretary said China should disclose information in this regard without lying.

If China does not give the report on coronavirus properly, the countries of the world would teach China a lesson. The number of deaths from corona in the world has crossed 1 lakh 42 thousand, with the number of infected corona crossing 21 lakh.


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