COVID-19 is Making More Indians Purchase Items Digital

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COVID-19 Making More Indians More Digital

Even when PMO of India announced Unlock 1.0, more Indians are purchasing items digitally, offline stores and malls are seeing less of sales compared to before. And according to the new survey, two-fifth of India’s consumers are preferring to order goods online whether it is essential or non-essential.

With more organizations ensuring safety, hygiene, and contact-less delivery, there is a sense of faster recovery for e-commerce and digital stores rather than physical stores. This sudden splurge in e-commerce platforms has led to e-commerce companies cutting down on discounts.

Recently in an online survey conducted in LocalCircles, an online community about 21% of 25,000 people surveyed said they were buying goods from the e-commerce platform, 19% said they were getting home delivery done from retail and local stores and only 1% are physically visiting the stores to purchase their product, 47% people were purchasing from the local market, 11% said they visited departmental stores.

1/4th of 25,000 people who were surveyed were from Karnataka.

“This would mean that 40% of consumers are now getting the majority of their essential and non-essential supplies home delivered via e-commerce or local retail stores,” said the survey.

When asked the reason for more online purchases, 71% of people said it’s due to minimizing Covid-19 exposure and ease of getting things delivered home they said.

However, the top issues faced by consumers on e-commerce platforms were long delivery times, higher prices followed by exchange returns, and refunds, according to the survey.

Due to the rise in demand, many groceries which used to witness over 25-30% discount has now reduced to 0-15% range of discounts and many so-called ‘Big Discounts’ and offers have stopped as many people are resorting to ordering items online.

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