David Hockney Painting

A painting by British artist David Hockney brought $ 90.3 million in New York, easily beating the record of a live artist sold at auction.

For the common man the painting may seem normal but for some with the artistic eyes, somehow they want the specific painting because they love to have one.

Among his famous “pool paintings”, “Portrait of an artist (Pool with two figures)” is considered one of his most notable works.

The previous live artist record was established by Jeff Koons ‘Balloon Dog‘, which sold for $ 58.4 million in 2013.

Jeff Koons baloon dog

Hockney’s 1972 chart, now 81, is “the holy grail of his paintings, both historically and commercially,” said Alex Rotter, co-president of Christie’s, co-president of the art gallery.

Postwar and contemporary art. He noted that this reflected the European and American perspectives of an artist who settled in the 1960’s in sunny California and considered himself alive on both continents.

“It contains all the elements you would like in a Hockney painting,” Rotter said in an interview. He noted that the writers described the pool as a kind of self-portrait of Hockney, although he never confirmed it, simply stating that he was fascinated by the whitewater painting.

The painting, whose buyer was not revealed immediately, was in the hands of a private collector.

A representation of two men, one of them swimming, the other standing near the pool, looking down, the painting was originally inspired, according to the background provided by Christie’s, Two photographs found by Hockney juxtaposed on the floor of his studio, one from a Hollywood swimmer in 1966, and another child looking at something on the floor.

David Hockney Painting Video


The rocky landscape is in the south of France and it is said that the standing figure represents Peter Schlesinger, whom the artist met in 1966, while the young man studied in one of Hockney’s art classes at UCLA.

Christie’s told that, he was “the great love of Hockney’s life” and one of his favorite models.

The relationship ended in 1971. Hockney had already started painting and abandoned it, starting again the following year.

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