Dipa Karmakar Latest News: Must Win Gold to Qualify 2020 Olympic Games Said by Coach


Dipa Karmakar Latest News: She made a good start for qualifying for the Tokyo Olympics by winning bronze at the Artistic Gymnastics World Cup in Cottbus, Germany.

To qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Dipa Karmakar only needs a gold medal in the upcoming World Cups, said coach Bisweswar Nandi, who points to a podium for the championship gymnast of the world 2019 in Stuttgart.

Dipa had a good start to qualify for the Olympic Games in Tokyo by winning a bronze medal at the Artistic Gymnastics World Cup in Cottbus, Germany, on Saturday.


“I did not expect her to be so successful given the strong squad, which had many medalists, but I’m happy with the way she played, I had very little time to prepare and it went very well, and I made her cry a lot in the last few months, so now i really satisfied “Nandi told PTI of Cottbus.

“It’s a good start, but to qualify for the Olympic Games, you will have to win the gold medal in the next 3-4 World Cup events you participate in. The second or third position is No Matter.”

The Cottbus competition is part of an eight-event classification system for the 2020 Games, in which a gymnast will be ranked according to his three best scores.

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The three events in which Dipa could participate are the World Cups in Baku, Melbourne and Doha.

Nandi said: “We have not decided what these events are, I just can not make that decision.” We will discuss with the ISC, the Ministry of Sports and the Indian Federation of Gymnastics (GFI) to receive a call about upcoming events.

“But our main goal is to succeed at the World Championship in Germany next year, there is an event where even a 3rd or 4th place can make you win a place in the Olympic Games, that would be your main goal,” Nandi said

She had some injury to the knee but after 18 days of hard work and training helped her to be back, let us hope all upcoming events she wins!