Director Shankar Reveals his Idea on Robo 3.0 with Super Star Rajnikanth

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Robo 3.0 Upcoming movie

It has been almost a week since the launch of the Robo 2.0, which became blockbuster and has already generated almost 500 million rupees worldwide.

If we believe in the numbers and the way the film was received by the public and the critics, we can say without fear that the long wait to see this beautiful film in the theaters was worth it.

Director Shankar, encouraged by this success, hopes to continue the film with version Robo 3.0 but made it clear that he could not imagine another game without Rajinikanth, who had already clearly declared his political ambition.

“We have planned version 3.0, but it is impossible to imagine the film without Rajini, sir, I do not exclude the option, but I can not advance the film simply by doing so.”

The movie is incomplete without the character of Chitti and I do not think anyone more than Rajini is good to play in.

From my point of view, I’d like to see version 3.0 and its characters pave the way for our own superhero movie, but we need the right script to make that vision a reality.

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Version 2.0 has been celebrated as the most expensive visual show in India, and rightly so since the movie has lived up to expectations and expectations.

Filmed natively in 3D, Shankar revealed that the first visual image he had in mind to develop the history of version 2.0 is the image of a million mobile phones that move like a wave on the ground and in the sky…

“This is the first image that came to my mind … In recent years, mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives, what would happen if the same technology became our biggest enemy thanks to a perverse force? This is the idea on which the story was built and everything else fell into place.”

It took Shankar three years to see his vision become a movie. He said he did not mind investing so much time.

They asked me if I felt I was losing so much time on a project when I could have used that time to make three films, I honestly do not see it this way because, while working on pre-production version 2.0, I was able to complete the work of creating scripts of my next two projects.

The 3D shooting involved a lot of challenges, you can only use four lenses, and the installation of the 3D camera takes time, as it is quite heavy and can not be easily moved from one place to another.

The production cost of 2.0 is almost 450 million rupees, the producers have spent more on promotions and I do not know the exact amount, without Lyca Productions and Rajini, we could not have made the film.

After spending about three years doing 2.0, Shankar deserves a vacation, isn’t it? But he is ready to start his next project, which will be Indian 2 with Kamal Haasan. If everything goes according to plan, the main shoot will begin later this month with Robo 3.0 Version soon.

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