Do you think that KGF (a Kannada movie) can beat Zero?

KGF vs Zero, Do you think that KGF (a Kannada movie) can beat Zero, Why did Zero Movie Failed, What made KGF Success

If any foreigner asked a question what do you get in your mind when I say India, the first reaction would be saying Bollywood.

The reason is even though we have a lot of other film Industries in India, the most speaking language is Hindi and since the wide audience coverage and more promotional activities it’s getting attention.

It is not that only Bollywood is doing good films, but there are a lot of good films in Sandalwood, Tollywood, Kollywood, etc.

The big budget movies or the pan India movies only get attention to the masses but even small budget movies with good stories also getting success at the regional level.

Today where ever you see in India it is the discussion about whether KGF (a Kannada movie) can beat Zero (a Hindi movie)?

In our opinion, KGF will give competition to the movie Zero, What do you think let us know in the comment section below.

In Zero Movie everyone’s favorite Shahrukh Khan has acted with different look and lot of effort has been made to make him look thin then original. The budget for the movie took ₹200 crores and it was released on 21st December 2018.

Whereas the Sandalwood movie KGF was also the most expected pan Indian movie which came out with 5 languages with 80 crores Budget. It may be a small budget for Bollywood but it is a big Budget movie for Kannada film Industry.

Here Rocking Star “Yash” is a good actor who has taken the lead role, he is not known to the other parts of India but from this movie, he will definitely create huge fan followers base in India.

Even though clash of 2 big movies at a time Yash doesn’t care because he believes a good movie definitely people will like, as his belief the KGF is moving successfully ahead.

Zero Budget ₹200 crores

Day 1 Box Office Collection – Rs. 20.14 crore

Day 2 Box Office Collection – Rs. 18.22 crore

Day 3 Box Office Collection – Rs. 20.71 crore

Day 4 Box Office Collection – Rs. 9.50 crore

Total collection – “30.21 Crores”.

KGF Budget 80 crores

Day 1 Box Office Collection – Rs. 18.1 crore

Day 2 Box Office Collection – Rs. 19.20 crore

Day 3 Box Office Collection – Rs. 22.40 crore

Day 4 Box Office Collection – Rs. 13.75 crore

Total Collection – “36.15 Crores”.

Here we can observe the trend of how it is moving as the days go by, both movies were created hype in a vast way.

Why did Zero Movie Failed?

It is a  big Budget Movie and also a lot of CG work and hard work went into it but mainly people disliked the movie because of the script, the people who went to watch came out with disappointment not meeting their expectation.

Even IMDB Rating affected a little bit by having 6.4 Rating.

What made KGF Success?

Prashanth Neel direction KGF movie with Rocking star Yash as hero minting the box office in the collection, with less budget with 2.5 years struggle, the dedication of a team, nice script, cinematography, and many more…

Even though Yash is a good star in Karnataka planning for pan India and newly introduced to other languages was a difficult task even then with the mouth of spread about the good movie day by day people are visiting the theaters and enjoying the movie.

The IMDB Rating was really good showing the rating 9.1 which has broken the record of many films.

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Is KGF Worth to be Nominated for Oscar Awards?

After watching the movie personally, I feel it has to be nominated because the kind of work and effort it went into the film it’s amazing, not even single time I felt the movie is boring entire time of watching was excellent and created curiosity what’s next,

Let us hope to be Nominated for Oscar and bring the Indian film Industry forward.