Dog Drops His Toy and Netizens Declared War on Gravity

Dog Drops His Toy and Netizens Declared War on Gravity, Latest News, Viral News, Dog Play, Twitter
Dog Drops His Toy and Declared War on Gravity

Everyday internet has seen countless of video uploads, however, some of the videos stand out and become viral. Here is one such video where a Dog drops his favorite toy and netizens all over the world have declared war on gravity.

Posted by We Rate Dogs twitter page, the short 12 second clips shows a little dog Thor, a long-haired dachshund climbing up the steps with his favourite ducky toy only to be dropped due to gravity.

The toy which Thor pulls to the sofa is dropped and Thor gives a disheartened look which is enough to melt everyone watching the video.

We Rate Dogs who posted the video said in the caption, “This is Thor. He just wanted cuddles with his duck friend. Didn’t deserve this. 14/10 gravity is cancelled,”

Posted on 6th July, the video has already garnered 1.7 million views and the netizens offer sincere condolences.

Many commented saying “He just wanted to cuddle with his friend that goes quack, why does gravity have to be so wack?” said one user, the other user says “I hate cancel culture, but I am willing to cancel gravity in the name of this dog and his duck. #Gravityisoverparty,”

“The person videoing better give him the duck,” says a third user and many people commented on this viral video.

In one of the post, a twitter user has declared a war against gravity.

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