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In The Race to Make Your Child Famous, Don’t Steal Their Childhood

If you are a parent you must read this article, because I will tell you what you are doing wrong with your children’s life mainly with their childhood days.

There is a lot of debate going online about parents in the name of career stealing their kids’ childhood in the race of making them popular soon in society. It’s good if some child becomes popular at an early age itself but why are you creating stress for the child by forcing to do this or that specific? To be fact, your child is already overburdened with the regular schooling syllabus…

You are stealing your child’s freedom by knowingly or unknowingly. If your child has the talent in any stream nobody can stop them becoming popular, but today it is sad that even businesses are targeting the kids to make money in the name of online education.

There are many mobile apps, websites started teaching coding, designing web applications, etc. I am not targeting any particular company but it is the truth at present.

I feel sad because it is the time for children to play and these businesses indirectly forcing the parents to make their children learn those skills. Let me be clear with you that the additional skills what your child learns should be like hobby when they get free time, it should not be forced as their career.

Today T.V. shows, Competitions, Social Media’s reaching talented people within seconds but on the other side, parents watching those forcing their children to learn specific skills. Even though the child is not having any interest.

Some of you would have dreams and you had no chance to achieve it, so to fulfill your dreams you are forcing your children to do so. Stop! Don’t do that and don’t forget your child will also have his/her own dream in life. If possible try to know and support your child to achieve their dream instead of thinking and forcing your dreams on your children.

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