This elephant has stolen. Carefully crossing the 5-foot high wall for steeling…!

Video of the elephant crossing a 5-foot-high wall at the Fluway Safari Lodge of South Luangwa National Park in Zambia.

A few people had left for the Saturday afternoon safari from Flume Safari Lodge. The elephant in the national park slowed down as they all headed towards it. So much for the elephant safari lodge …

The lodge’s general manager Ian Salisbury has captured photos of the elephant crossing the compound so that the 5-foot-high wall should not be torn down. Elephants cross the wall like humans.

Later, the elephant wanders near the lodge and searches for mangoes, captured by lodge owner Andy Hogg. But it does not end with fruits.

It is common for elephants to arrive here during the mango season. But the general manager said the elephant was too late.

Elephants need heavy food if not properly given they will find the way, and also who doesn’t love mangoes, even elephants love that’s why it went to eat, I think the aroma made the elephant thief.

Elephant Stolen Mangoes Elephant climbs Over 5ft Wall to Steel Mangoes