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What is Emetophobia? Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Emetophobia is a fear of Vomiting in Public places. This is caused by extreme stress, intense anxiety which induces the fear of vomiting in public. The phobia might be mild for some people, however, if the person is critical of Emetophobia, a single thought of vomiting can induce fear and he might go to great extents to avoid vomiting in a public place.

Studies on Emetophobia are limited as it receives little attention than the rest of other Phobias. An emetophobic person might fear an event of another person vomiting or some may feel they themself will vomit or some might feel both. They feel anxious and they tend to showcase their fear of vomit by crying, screaming when they notice someone sick or someone who might vomit.

Emetophobia should not be confused with Nausea as Nausea is caused due to diffuse sensation of unease and discomfort which in turn makes an urge to have vomited. Where Emetophobia is an irrational fear.

Causes of Emetophobia

There is no specific cause for Emetophobia isn’t exactly determined as the phobia has not been studied extensively. However, it is said that it might have run from family, a parent or a known member of a kid who has emetophobia might pass on this to the kid.  The anxiety might be passed on genetic too.

When a kid suffers from Emetophobia, nothing traumatic can happen. But, too much exposure can cause a person to vomit himself thus leading to malnutrition and starvation, which is when it turns to affect one’s personal life.

Symptoms of Emetophobia

Similar to other types of Phobia, even Emetophobia persons perceive symptoms such as racing heart, sweating, nausea, fear of vomit will lead to escape the situation no matter what the obstacles are, etc. Some people might even faint which is why you need to be careful against emetophobic persons.


There are no specific treatments for Emetophobes where it needs to be assessed by the doctor where the doctor provides the patient with a series of the questionnaire, this helps the doctor perform any therapy as per the answers provided.

Medications also help relief of emetophobic where they are advised to take anti-depressants, benzodiazepine and gastrointestinal medicines which need to be advised by doctors.

Exposure therapy, Hypnotic therapy are some of the other treatments that can be provided however, these need to be carried out based on doctor orders.

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