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Football Rules For Beginners: Football is a game played by many but understood by few. In each game, half of the room or stadium comes alive with the applause of the fans, without really knowing what has just happened.

This article will help those of you who have not yet learned the game and will serve as a refresher course for those who know it.

The main goal of football is to score more points than the competitor team. The team that gets the most points in a given period is the winner. This is the easy part.

The rules of football can be confusing. When it is not called “football”, the game is called “gridiron”, because that’s the name of the game called in the United States and Canada.

The gridiron has marks that look like a grill and is 120 meters long and 53-1 / 3 wide. The 120 yards are divided into five sections, each 20 yards long. Yard lines are marked every five meters and are numbered from each goal line to the middle of the field, also known as the fifty-yard mark.

Still confused? Listen to this: a gridiron has sidelines and end lines and has poles on the ground near each end zone. The final zones are 10 meters wide and are just before the field post. Field posts are used to mark field objectives; They are 18.5 feet away.

It is only a description of the field. We have not started with the rules of football yet. A football match is played between 2 teams. NFL teams(National Football League) usually have fifty or more members, but only eleven can be on the field at the same time.

Due to the complexity of the game, most of the fifty players will have the opportunity to play in each game. Each member of the team plays a specialized role, whether offensive or defensive. The players wear uniforms numbered consistently. Each Football team also has special sub-teams.

It is difficult to specify the duration of a football match since coaches and players can receive penalties and fouls that will extend the duration of the game. Important games, like the Super Bowl, may consume hours to complete.

Each call must be made because there is a lot riding the game of this caliber.

The rules of football dictate that each team tries to advance on the field and accumulate the most yards at a time.

The closer the progress team is to the finish line, the more the opposing team must play to stop a touchdown. When defending players attack and get the advancing runner to the ground, the game ends and the ball is dead.

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The goal of football is to get touchdowns and goals on the field because that’s what the points mean. The team with the most points wins all the glory. In the case of a league match, the winning team will also win the title and trophy.

Earn points and win the game. If these are the basic rules of football, it may not be so confusing after all.



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