For Costly Traffic Penalties “Desi Plan” Used By People – Traffic Police were Shocked

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NEW DELHI: Traffic police are trying to follow strict rules because of the traffic violations causing severe problems in India, hence recently they have hiked the penalities, but people of Delhi has got crazy ideas to counter the penalties, you will be surprised to know!

After increasing the fines across the country, traffic police are penalizing with new rules with higher prices, mainly concentrating on not wearing a helmet while driving.

Previously the fine was just Rs.500 but now they have increased to Rs.2000, a huge amount for the poor and middle class.

Recently Pankaj Nain IPS have tweeted with a video, where a mass number of people were using the innovative idea to avoid traffic violation penalties.

They used a desi method where bicycle riders when a signal stops, they get down and push the cycle and go, the same way huge number of people at the place where the traffic police observe the violation, people are getting down and pushing their bikes in front of them.

Suppose if 1 or 2 people do this, we can think that some repair or petrol tank became empty but this incident is crazy I say.

People should not think in this direction because the traffic police goal is not to make money every time, the rules and regulation should be followed in order to avoid accidents, even helmet made compulsory as a safety measure.

Whatever strict rules are brought in, the people utilizing the loopholes and finding a way to escape, they must find a permanent solution to this. It is difficult to maintain the increasing population,  so some measures should be taken to educate the people from the school level itself.

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