How Fountain Pen Invention made? Is it cheap or costly?

From ancient times, we were using the pen with bird feathers dipped in the ink every time to continue writing, but with the new Fountain Pen invention, the ink is stored at the back of the pen as a reservoir which flows continuously to the nib and helps to write without any break.

Just think if even today these Inventions have not happened how difficult it would be?

History of Fountain Pen Invention

Before Petrache Poenaru’s invention there were several attempts made from different parts of the world but they failed to get the complete output. The invention of the modern fountain pen is more a story of perfection than of invention.

In 1883, more than fifty years after the invention of the fountain pen, a New York insurance broker, Lewis Waterman, had to sign an important contract and decided to honor the occasion by using the standard ink pen of the day.

However, the fountain pens were notoriously unreliable, particularly with respect to their ability to regulate the ink flow. Then, when the pen sank into the contract so that it could not be signed, Waterman decided to act.

In one year, Lewis Waterman had designed the first practical, usable, and practically waterproof pen.

To regulate the flow of ink, he successfully applied the principle of capillary action, with the inclusion of a small air hole in the tip of the pen, as well as slots in the feeding mechanism to control the ink flow of his new tank, It fits the tip.

Although Waterman deserves credit for the invention of the modern fountain pen that we know today, however, he has remained on the shoulders of many precedents.

At the beginning of the 18th century, Mr. Bion, the main instrument of the King of France, made feather pens with feathers, five of which still exist to this day.

Who Invented Fountain Pen?

Petrache Poenaru patented his invention in 1827 and the first steel pen was manufactured in 1828.

In 1830, the inventor James Perry had several failed attempts to design feathers that used the principle of capillarity. But it was Lewis Waterman who overcame all obstacles and made a successful pen.

The success was such that in 1901, two years after the death of Waterman, more than 3,500,000 pens of this type were sold all over the world.

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Is Fountain Pen Price is Costly or Cheaper?

We cannot say whether the Fountain Pen Price is too costly or not because the Pen has been manufactured for different class level people, only we can see at what price we can afford.

The most expensive product is the Delta Corona de Aragón fountain pen with a price of Rs. 77,500. In contrast to this, the cheapest product is the Flair Tanker fountain pen available in Rs.140.

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