Free Shopping Opportunity was Given For 5-Seconds | Video Went Viral

Free Shopping Opportunity was Given For Five-Seconds, Viral Video, Instagram, Boy Shopping for Family
Free Shopping For 5 Seconds

When you are having money what you’ll do, first you start shopping right? How much time do you take to select products in the shopping mall 15 min, 30 min, or it may go up to hours for a few.

If you given a chance to shop only for 5 seconds what are you buy? Because there was an incident happened with the similar situation to a boy that video went viral online.

Don’t know exactly but it might be a casher or some person in the store counter was recording video and told to a boy if he answers the simple mathematics question he’ll get a chance of shopping free for 5 seconds. When he answered correctly the person gave him the chance to shop for 5 second by counting numbers.

The products he chose made the video viral because he could have taken the products in bulk what’s there in front of him but he picked the one that will help his family.

See the video below:

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