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101 Highly Respectable Freedom Fighters In India

91. Tirot Sing (1802-1835)

Tirot Sing

Tirot Sing, also known as U Tirot Sing Syiem, was one of the leaders of the Khasi people in the early 19th century. He was a constitutional head, declared war, and fought against the British for trying to take control of the Khasi hills.

92. Alluri Sitarama Raju (1897-1924)

Alluri Sitarama Raju

He is a brave son of India who gave his life to free India from the oppression of the British. He was born on July 4, 1897. In tribal areas, the British exploited and oppressed poor and illiterate tribal populations, mainly fought in Andhra Pradesh.

93. Pingali Venkayya (1876-1963)

Pingali Venkayya

He was a freedom fighter from India and the designer of the flag on which the Indian national flag was based. He was born in Bhatlapenumarru, near Machilipatnam, in the current Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. He met Gandhi in South Africa and lasted 50 years of association.

94. Tanguturi Prakasam (1872-1957)

Tanguturi Prakasam

He was a politician, freedom fighter, and chief minister of the Madras Presidency. He then became the Chief Minister of the new State of Andhra, created by the partition of the State of Madras into linguistic criteria. He was also known as Andhra Kesari.

95. Veerapandiya Kattabomman (1760-1799)

Veerapandiya Kattabomman

He was an 18th-century Palayakarrar and chief of Panchalankurichi, Tamil Nadu, India. He refused to accept the sovereignty of the British East India Company and waged a war against them. He was captured by the British later and hanged.

96. Benoy Basu (1908-1930)

Benoy Basu

He was a Bengali freedom fighter who is known for his attack on the Secretariat building, the writers’ building in Dalhousie Square in Calcutta. He also joined the Bengal volunteers, a group organized by Subhas Chandra Bose in 1928.

97. Badal Gupta (1912-1930)

Badal Gupta

He was inspired by the patriotism of his teacher Nikunja Sen, Badal has joined Bengal Volunteers as a member. The volunteers planned and killed Colonel NS Simpson, Inspector General of Prisons, known for the brutal oppression of imprisoned prisoners.

98. Surya Sen (1894-1934)

Surya Sen

Bengali Indian Revolutionary, had a decisive influence on the Indian independence movement against the British regime in India. He was recruiting a group of young revolutionaries known as the Chittagong group, to fight against the British in Chittagong.

99. Surendra Sai (1809-1884)

Surendra Sai

He was the first freedom fighter who fought against the British East India Company and he was associated with many leaders and participated in the protest against the British in Odisha to protect oppressed tribal peoples in Sambalpur in response to the upper castes and the British.

100. Potti Sreeramulu (1901-1952)

Potti Sreeramulu

He is revered as Amarajeevi (“Immortal Being”) in the Andhra region for his sacrifice for the cause of Andhra. He became famous for initiating a hunger strike to support the formation of Andhra Pradesh for the people who spoke Telugu; He lost his life in the process.

101. Chandra Pulla Reddy (1917-1984)

Chandra Pulla Reddy

He was born in 1917 in the village of Velugodu, in the current district of Kurnool, in Andhra Pradesh. A leading activist in the fight for Indian freedom, a student of Guindy Engineering College in Madras, fought against the British colonial rule.


These are the famous Freedom Fighters Names who played a vital role in getting freedom. In Addition, we hear many times “National Leaders of India” from the children from schools afterwards only it recalls the days of Independence Day or Republic day or few were remembered with their jayanties.

But there are a lot of people who contributed their life to get Freedom from the British, this is a small work collected and presented to all of our Freedom Fighters of India who has struggled, and many were not known to the people much.

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