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31. Ram Prasad Bismil

Ram Prasad Bismil, Freedom Fighter, India, Revolutionary
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  • Full Name: Ram Prasad Bismil 
  • Born: 11 June 1897, Shahjahanpur
  • Died: 19 December 1927, Gorakhpur Jail, Gorakhpur

Ram Prasad Bismil was an Indian revolutionary who participated in the Mainpuri conspiracy of 1918 and the Kakori conspiracy of 1925 and fought against British imperialism.

He belongs to a Hindu religious family. Bismil went to moulvi to learn Urdu. He learned Hindi from his father. He wanted to learn English by entering an English school, even though his father was not satisfied.

32. Prafulla Chaki

Prafulla Chaki, Freedom FIghter, India, Indian Freedom Fighters List
(Image source: Wikipedia)
  • Full Name: Prafulla Chandra Chaki
  • Born: 10 December 1888, Bogra District, Bangladesh
  • Died: 2 May 1908, Mokama Ghat

Prafulla Chaki was a Bengali revolutionary associated with the revolutionary group Jugantar. He was one of the first martyrs of the movement for freedom.

In his previous term, Kingsford was unpopular for imposing harsh and cruel sentences on young political workers in Bengal. It was also known to inflict corporal punishment on such workers. This led to the planning of his murder.

33. Sidhu Murmu

Sidhu Murmu, Freedom Fighter, India, List of Freedom Fighters in India
(Image source: YouTube)
  • Full Name: Sidhu Murmu
  • Opposed: British tax collecting system
  • Birth and Death are not know

Sidhu Murmu was a well-known person of the Santhal rebellion fought against British domination and corruption caused by the high-class people and the Zamindars in a disrespectful way in the place of Jharkhand.

He is a person who attaches great importance to the history and who is responsible for the rebel against the British government. Sidhu Murmu was not alone, he had a partner who was with him throughout the fight and the rebel. He is non-other than Kanhu Murmu.

34. Kanha Murmu

Kanha Murmu, Freedom Fighter, India
(Image source: YouTube)
  • Full Name: Kanha Murmu
  • Opposed: British tax collecting system
  • Birth and Death are not know

Kanhu Murmu, of the Jharkhand region, a state in eastern India that was once a British colony, was the scene of a rebellion in 1855. This rebellion was to overthrow British rule and the atrocities of the corrupt capitalist system of high caste zamindars.

The state of Jharkhand saw this rebellion and praised him and his brother as great leaders. This rebellion was known as the “Santhal Rebellion”. And this brave, dynamic, and young leader was called Kanhu Murmu.

35. Azimullah Khan

Azimullah Khan, Freedom Fighter, India
(Image source: Wikipedia)
  • Full Name: Azimullah Khan Yusufzai
  • Born: 17 September 1830
  • Died: 1858

Azimullah Khan was involved in the Indian rebellion of 1857, mainly ideologically, influencing important nobles such as Nana Sahib. He came up with a French printing press, which was used by others – to print and distribute the literature against the British in India.

Azimullah Khan has died of fever at the end of 1859, after the rebellion was crushed, in the flight of the British to the inhospitable border country of the Nepalese

36. Karyanand Sharma

Karyanand Sharma, Freedom Fighter, India, Indian Freedom Fighters
  • Full Name: Karyanand Sharma
  • Born: 1901, Lakhisarai district of Bihar
  • Died: 1965

Karyanand Sharma was a prominent freedom fighter of India and a revolutionary peasant leader who led several movements against the zamindars and the British government of India and fought for the rights of the peasants.

Pandit Karyanand Sharma was born in 1901 in the village of Sahoor, Monghyr district (now Munger), Bihar state. It belonged to a poor tenant, the Bhumihar Brahmin family.

37. Ram Charan Agarwal

Ram Charan Agarwal, Freedom fighter of India
  • Full Name: Ram Charan Agarwal
  • Born: 2nd December 1919, Uttar Pradesh
  • Spouce: Savitri Agarwal
  • Died: July 25, 1977

Lala Ram Charan Agarwal was a respectable person in Congress and a freedom fighter who actively participated in the freedom movement by following the ideology of Mahatma Gandhi.

Though his father was a businessman, he was involved in National activities to get freedom from the British. He got the name for his honesty and braveness which he followed his parent’s path.

38. Mangal Pandey

Mangal Pandey, Freedom Fighter, India
(Image source: Amarujala)
  • Full Name: Mangal Pandey
  • Born: 19 July 1827, Nagwa
  • Died: 8 April 1857, Barrackpore

Mangal Pandey joined the British Army of the East India Company in 1849. Then, a new rifle was built in India and Mangal Pandey wanted to limit the weapons that contained grease with animal fats. Mangal Pandey refused to obey British orders. Then they invaded their rifles in front of the British officers.

Mangal Pandey was an Indian soldier who attacked the British authorities on March 29, 1857. He was hanged a few days later, but even after hanging himself, British officials were afraid to see their bodies.

39. Lakshmi Bai

Jhansi Rani Lakshmi Bai, Freedom Fighter, India, Women Freedom Fighter
(Image source: Wikipedia)
  • Full Name: Jhansi Rani Lakshmi Bai
  • Born: 19 November 1828, Varanasi
  • Died: 18 June 1858, Gwalior
  • Spouse: Raja Gangadhar Rao Newalkar (m. 1842–1853)

Jhansi Rani Lakshmibai became an important center of the revolt of 1857. Jhansi began to strengthen security and created an army of volunteers. In 1857 the great kings of the neighboring state of Jhansi, Orchha, and Datia also attacked.

Rani Lakshmibai defeated them successfully. In March 1858, the British army tried to capture the city of Jhansi. But Rani, with her adopted son, Damodar Rao, was able to escape. Rani died on June 18, 1858.

40. Dr. Rajendra Prasad

Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Freedom Fighter, India, Indian Freedom Fighter
(Image source: Britannica)
  • Full Name: Rajendra Prasad
  • Born: 3 December 1884, Ziradei
  • Died: 28 February 1963, Patna
  • Spouse: Rajvanshi Devi (m. ?–1962)

Rajendra Prasad joined INC in 1911, in the Lucknow INC session he met Mahatma Gandhi. Then he asked Prasad to join the volunteer group, after the non-cooperation movement he retired from his profession as a lawyer and was dedicated to the movement along with great national leaders.

He fought against western education, helped during the Bihar floods, later he became president again for the INC when Subash Chandra Bose retired. He was been arrested at the Quit India Movement likewise he also played a very important role in independence.

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