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Ganesh Dutt Singh (1868 – 1943)

Ganesh Dutt Singh was one among great freedom fighters, he was a politician, Indian administrator, and educator. As a director, he has cordially contributed to the growth of education and health services in the states of Orissa and Bihar before Independence itself.

Sir Ganesh Dutt Singh was also a philanthropist. Voluntarily offers donations for the establishment of educational institutions, as well as he used for many schools and universities from his personal property and income.

Dutt was a unique person. He practiced what he preached. He was a great man who is known for his sacrifice. Dutt was Minister of Local Self-Government. Four thousand rupees was his salary as LSG minister.

Ganesh Dutt Singh Biography

Full NameGanesh Dutt Singh
Date of Birth13th January 1868
Birth PlaceNalanda, Bihar
EducationPatna College
ProfessionIndian lawyer, educationist, and administrator during the British Raj
Date of Death1943
Death PlaceBihar

History of Ganesh Dutt Singh

Dutt was born on 13th January 1868, in the Chhatiyana village of Nalanda district, Bihar. He belongs to the Bhumihar Brahmin family of the middle class. Sir Ganesh Dutt Singh began studying English at the age of eighteen.

He passed the entrance exam in the first division at the age of twenty-three in 1891. Dutt won a silver medal for his masters in mathematics. In 1893, he passed the intermediate exam.

Finally, he graduated from B.L when he was almost thirty years old in 1897. He entered the Superior Court of Calcutta in 1904 as a lawyer.

Dutt as a lawyer and philanthropist

After completing his training as a lawyer for twelve years, he was not considered among the rank-and-file lawyers. He was elected a member of the Legislative Council of Bihar and Orissa in 1927.

Later, he became Minister of the Government of Bihar and Orissa from 1923 to 1937. As a member of the provincial government, Sir Ganesh Dutt Singh became the Indian administrator and educator.

As a perfect philanthropist, he has dedicated his service to the growth and improvement of education. He was a rare philanthropist who offered various kinds of donations to the school, the school, and the universities for his own income and property.

He has rendered his service and dedication to educational improvements in all aspects. He has offered numerous scholarships to universities. He has donated approximately $ 3000 of his salary continuously for 14 years to educational institutions, the disabled, widows, etc.

Dutt donated Rs. 4 Lakes to the University of Patna and established a scholarship fund for higher education in science and technology. After his death, Dutt donated his own house “Krishna Kunj” to Patna University.

Honor of Ganesh

Dutt was knighted in 1928. He was honored with a PhD. from Patna University in 1933. It was an appropriate tribute to his wonderful services in the cause of the educational progress of Bihar students.

Ganesh Dutt was a famous person who gave his whole life to the growth of education. Its simplicity of life, its high character and its exemplary sacrifices for public utility will be the great admiration for the future generations of Bihar.

Death of Ganesh Dutt

Dutt died on 26th September 1943, in Bihar. Before his death, Ganesh Dutt dedicated his place of residence to the growth of education at the University of Patna.

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