LinkedIn: Gender Gap In The Digital Marketing Industry

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In the digital marketing industry, the proportion of the gender gap is approximately 72%, according to a LinkedIn data analysis. The gender gap between Indian professionals is worse than the world average in all sectors. I was not knowing this much gap has prevailed.

In all the fields, women are as qualified as men to enter the digital world. However, the gender gap is more evident in this digital domain than in any other field.

Digital is supposed to be for everyone, why do people listen to less feminine titles? Is there a gender bias in the digital sector? These questions have been asked more and more often, but disagreements and negotiations have been based on mere speculation!

In a country like India, where the gender gap index ranks 108th in the WEF, the gender gap in the formal sector is ubiquitous.

In the Digital Marketing Industry, this proportion is approximately 72%, according to a LinkedIn data analysis. The gender gap between Indian professionals is worse than the world average in all sectors.

The Economic Disparity Between Men And Women

It would take us 170 years to see the economic parity between men and women. This disparity is not limited to gender equality; harms the technology industry as a whole.

With a growing number of roles that require specific technical skills, the question of whether there will be enough qualified staff to fill vacancies is a growing concern.

Even in the present generation, women are not involved in digital Industry. I feel bad because normally most women prefer office jobs than doing physical works, even then this problem arises.

Why Is There A Gender Gap in the Digital Marketing Industry?

In large companies/agencies, women are excluded from their main workforce, even when they have the same training as the men they hire. Exclusion can occur for several unknown reasons.

Why Should Women Be Preferred In The Digital Marketing Sector?

1) About 80% of purchase decisions are made by women.

Vertical digital advertising such as Google, social networks, e-commerce ads where women know the pulse of consumer behavior. Creative, daring and always active women think and do many different things every day.

Your mind adapts to think in an innovative and effective way. They have more facilities to solve problems, create creative solutions for everyday problems and, therefore, increase productivity at work.

Whether it is digital marketing strategy planning, customer communication or any other area of ​​new technology, women can understand the needs of customers more than men.

2) Setting standards in the digital industry.

In the last decade, the marketing industry has seen many women rise in the ranks to become influential and pioneering thought leaders.

Some examples include Mina Seetharaman, executive vice president, global content and marketing solutions manager for The Economist or Rama Pandey at age 72, and Shashi Pandey at age 46, who launched the first and only digital social media network in India, infinite mobility.

This feat develops despite the fact that less than a third of the digital marketing workforce are women.

Therefore, while there are still challenges for women in the sector, such as representation, access to managerial positions and the reduction of the gender pay gap, significant progress is made while Numerous digital vendors in India continue to set standards and inspiring millions of women. around the world.

3) Agencies that hire women to perform better.

According to LinkedIn’s data analysis, agencies that integrate women into their main workforce earn 30% more.

With the best incentive / flexible work schedules, women are making their way into the industry traditionally dominated by men, the breadth of the gender division.

4) Women can create a more competitive environment

if there were only men competing with other men, there would be less competition. The presence of women in all sectors will make the environment more competitive, which will increase the overall performance of any organization.

5) Entrepreneurship opportunities for women

Digital marketing offers entrepreneurship opportunities in the independent and e-commerce sectors. In India, women face many social and cultural restrictions. Digital marketing offers great opportunities to break the deal.

The inclusion of women in the digital environment is everyone’s responsibility since everyone must ensure that women are not discriminated against when they get a job. The digital world needs women and for that, it needs everyone’s help.


From the above points, we all know the effectiveness and efficiency of women in the digital marketing industry. It is necessary to create awareness by the various institutions, social networks, and public authorities about the promotion of opportunities for women in this area.


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