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Ghataprabha River – Originates from the Western Ghats

Ghataprabha River is one of the important right-wing tributaries of the Krishna River which flows eastwards and is at a distance of 283 Kms. It confluences with the Krishna River at Chikksangam.

The river stretches across the states of Karnataka and Maharasthra and the river basin is around 8,829 sq km. 

Ghataprabha River originates from the Western Ghats and is the tributary to River Krishna where it joins the Krishna River at Chikksangam, Karnataka.

One of the major sources of the hydroelectric and irrigational river, Ghataprabha River is crossed by a Suspension Bridge near Godchinamalaki Falls or Gokak Falls.

Ghataprabha is one of the rivers which along with the Markandeya river forms the Gokak Falls, and the Markandeya river is one of the major tributaries to the Ghataprabha River.

Bird Sanctuary

The Ghataprabha Bird Sanctuary covers 29.78 sq km, and its boundaries encompass an approximately 28 km stretch of the Ghataprabha River, including the reservoir resulting from the dam built near Dhupdhal.

The sanctuary is known for its migratory birds such as the demoiselle crane and the European white stork. It is surrounded by agricultural fields. The best time to visit the sanctuary is between November and March where most migration happens.

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