Government Advises Home Treatment for COVID-19 Patients

Government Advises Home Treatment for COVID-19 Patients, Bengaluru News, Latest, India, Covid Updates, Coronavirus Treatment
Home Treatment for COVID-19 Patients

With rising cases of Coronavirus in the Capital city of Karnataka, Bengaluru. The government is planning to advise 75% of asymptomatic to undergo home treatment.

The plan of home-based treatment will come into effect when all the 17,705 beds at COVID-Care centre are filled to capacity. Senior BBMP official said that the asymptomatic patients will be accommodated to covid care centers, the ones facing cold/cough/fever will be for Covid health facility and patients in critical care will be shifted to the hospitals for treatment.

With the sharp rise in case, Government is preparing makeshift beds where Koramangala Indoor Stadium will have 250 beds, GKVK campus hostels and Horticulture University will have 1,000 beds, 7,000 beds in Bangalore International Exhibition Centre (BIEC), 3000 beds in Palace Grounds, 750 beds in Jnana Bharathi University and 250 beds in Dayananda Sagar University.

If the number of patients exceeds the beds then the medicines will be provided doorstep for asymptomatic patients who will be doing self-quarantine.

Speaking on this, BBMP Commissioner BH Anil Kumar said “Initially, all Covid-19 patients were treated at hospitals. Now, we’ve set up 22 CCCs to treat asymptomatic patients with 17,705 beds. This helps in using hospital infrastructure to treat only patients in serious conditions,”

The BBMP has hired 88 ambulances and deployed ten of them in each zone. Kumar also said that the state government has asked private hospitals to make 2,000 beds available to Covid-19 patients. Private hospitals have also been warned not to charge more than medical charges fixed by the government said the commissioner.