Government Launches New COVID-19 Test Kit

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Government Launches New COVID-19 Test Kit

On Wednesday, the union government of India announced the commercial use of COVID-19 test kits developed by IIT Delhi. The base price of the test kits is announced to be around 399INR. This is one of the cheaper test kits available in the market and it may help in ramping up of shortage of test kits in India.

Nicknamed, ‘Corosure’, the test kits has been approved by Medical Council of India and Drug Control General of India, the product was commercially developed by NewTech Medical Devises after obtaining licence from IIT. By the end of next month, 2 million test kits will be manufactured said NewTech Medical Devises.

“The base price of RT-PCR kits is Rs 399,” said IIT Delhi spokesperson. Adding to that “even after adding the RNA isolation and laboratory charges, the cost per test will be considerably cheaper compared to currently available kits in the market” he continued.

Founder of NewTech Medical Devises, Mr. Jatin Goyal said “Using unique technology developed by IIT Delhi and our expertise in reagent and kit-making, we have ensured an accurate, affordable, Make-in-India kit for the diagnosis of Sars-CoV2, which is a ‘probe-free’ method and reduces the testing cost without compromising on accuracy. We are anticipating two million kits by next month.”

HRD Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal said “the country requires affordable and reliable testing for the country which can help to control the pandemic. The Corosure has been developed indigenously and is much cheaper than other kits… The kit has received ICMR approval with the highest score and DCGI approval with very high sensitivity and specificity”. He said after launching the RT-PCR testing kits.

The testing kits will be available for use for authorised labs, currently 10 labs have been authorised by IIT Delhi to manufacture the testing kits with the technology developed by them.

IIT Delhi has been working on a number of covid-19 research kits. Other than Corosure, it is working on another testing kit in collaboration with the National Chemical Laboratory (NCL) Pune which would help people to test Corona sitting at their own home.

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