Do you know Gwalior Fort is the first place to use Zero in India?

Gwalior Fort is present in the state of Madhya Pradesh at Gwalior. Gwalior Fort was built by Babur, who was then ruling the Mughal emperor.

This fort is a fantastic sight to see. The fort is located in the central area in the city is an easy reach for anyone.

Gwalior Fort Information

LocationGwalior, Madhya Pradesh
Built inBetween the 8th and 14th century
Built byBabur
Material UsedSandstone and Lime mortar
TimingsAll Days (6 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.)

History of Gwalior Fort

This fort is amongst the best structures that have been constructed in India. The fort was basically built in 2 parts.

The first part is the main one which is regarded as the Gurjari Mahal and the second part being the palace of Maharaja Man Singh.

This second part has now been preserved as a museum. This museum encloses the finest piece of art of those times that were present in the palace and the whole Mughal rule. The palace served many rulers.

The best thing about the Gwalior Fort is that it has been the first place where zero had been used. Thus it is regarded as the originator of zero and hence the whole of India feels proud to be the pioneer.

Thus the palace is of great importance to the whole of humankind. Gwalior Fort can be easily reached by means of local conveyance.

The Gwalior Fort being so popular tourist destination is not a big trouble to reach from any part of India. Gwalior, as well as a big city in the country and hence, is not tough to reach.

It can easily be reached by means of Roadways, Railways, and Airways. The entrance of the palace is also magnificent and is known as the Hathi pol which in English means Elephant door.

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This is something that would make the visitors feel amazed at the style of construction. The Fort is made on a hillock and is also surrounded by various other hills of the same size. This provided additional safety to the palace from the invaders.

Lime mortar and sandstones have been used to construct the fort and this provides it a beauty that cannot be compared to anything else. The entry ticket to the palace is also nominal and is thus not expensive for a common man to visit.

Gwalior Fort also remains open for a long duration throughout the day to make it convenient for the visitors to be there. The city also holds importance in the war of independence for India.

There are various other places as well in this city and around it that hold historical importance. This is the reason why people make a complete trip to the city to have a look at the best part of Indian history.

More details:

Being a part of this city is a great pleasure. The best time to visit is usually in the non-summer season.

Madhya Pradesh being the central part of the country remains hot in the summer season and thus the visitors may feel uncomfortable.

But the traditional drinks that are offered in and around the fort make the heat disappear. Whatever the case may be, the Gwalior Fort is the structure that one must definitely see sometime or the other throughout his life, if he or she wants to explore the true Indian history.

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