Happy 74th Independence Day Wishes India | 15th August 2020

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74th Independence Day Wishes India

We wish you and your family a warm 74th Happy Independence day of India! Today we help you to share some best wishes for your social media like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, SMS, e-mail, etc…

Best Happy Independence Day Wishes in English

Here I have put all efforts to get you the best Happy Independence Day of India Wishes in English with a single paragraph in which you can send this to your beloved ones, we made it simple for you to get abundant information in one place.

1. Today, we got freedom thanks to our brave leaders who sacrificed themselves for our well-being and for our future generation – Happy Independence Day!

2. We have received the greatest gift of our life “freedom”, with a lot of struggle behind, but we don’t even think other than August 15: Happy 74th Independence Day of India 2020.

3. We Indians believe in the theory of Karma, where today’s actions reflect our future happenings likewise, the actions of our great leaders in the past left us with freedom – Proudly Wishing You Happy Independence Day.

4. We never forced anyone to give freedom instead we asked them to return it back- Happy Independence Day of India.

5. We have different religions, cultures, traditions, languages, but we are one when it comes to the nation – Happy Independence Day 2020.

6. We have shed many tears to get back this land, now fill it with smiles and happiness – Happy Independence Day.

7. May the Indian flag always fly high… warm wishes on the auspicious occasion – Happy Independence Day!

8. In India, our life is filled with full of colors… I hope will add more colors to your life on August 15 – *Happy Independence Day*

9. Thousands of words are waiting to express my feelings on 15th August 2020, but I cannot conclude without wishing you a Happy Independence Day.

10. In India, we have 29 States, 7 Union Territories, 122 major and 1599 other languages, 6400 Caste System, 6 Religions, 6 Ethnic Groups, 29 Major Festivals, but every individual proud to say Happy Independence Day…

11. One day maybe a Sunday, Monday, but it comes once a week, the day we celebrate with joy is Independence Day, comes once a year – Happy Independence Day India.

12. I promise this 74th Independence Day does not go a waste and work towards nation building – Happy Independence day.

13. Every person has the right to be free but nobody should misuse this right – Happy Independence day 2020.

14. Everyone strives to get freedom, but it should not be at the cost of grabbing someone’s else freedom – Happy Independence Day!

15. Close your eyes, feel the pain and struggle of our freedom fighters, Close your right hand, keep it on your heart and say “I am proud to be Indian” – Happy Independence Day of India.

16. We have shown our colonial masters that we deserve our independence today – Happy Independence Day 2020.

17. Once upon a time, we Indians ruled by colonialism, now we are in the position to rule the world – Happy Independence Day to You and Your Family!

18. Even the small efforts matter a lot similarly, thousands of people have done everything possible to give us freedom – Happy Independence Day for all the freedom fighters who are still alive.

19. Freedom is the most precious thing in the life of every human being. No one has the right to take it away, and we must do everything possible to protect our society from cruelty and violence. Happy Independence Day!

20. Freedom should not be deserving because it must be natural and it is our right. Let’s celebrate freedom with great respect!

21. We are all different from each other, but one thing unites us: “Patriotism”. We should honor our motherland and never forget how difficult it was to get Independence. Enjoy this beautiful Independence Day!

22. This day is very important for our country and for each of us as its citizens. This is the day India got its past glory back. This is the day we officially become Free and Independent. This is the day we will never forget. Happy Independence Day!

23. Happy Independence Day for all, I wish everyone faith in words, freedom in spirit and pride in their souls. Let us greet this glorious nation on a special day Happy Independence Day of India!

24. Let’s celebrate and enjoy freedom by living independently, helpfully, with joy, reflecting on our past and reminding our national heroes that they have given us freedom after years of suffering and humiliation – Happy Independence Day 2020!

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25. Today I stand up so high, my eyes are wet with tears by remembering those who have died for me, you, and for the entire country. My today’s happiness they are the reason, so I wanted to salute theme and Wish You Happy Independence Day.

26. Again, it is time for us to show other nations that we are great people and a great nation. Let us continue our fight for the prosperity and well-being of our beloved nation – Happy Independence Day.

27. Celebrate this day by silently praying to our heroes who have allowed us to live in a free nation – Happy Independence Day!

28. This day is very important for our country and for each of us as citizens. This is the day that India was formed. This is the day we become free and independent. This is the day we will never forget. Happy Independence Day!

29. We are all very different, but one thing unites us: Independence. We never forgot how difficult it was to get it and we had to honor it, enjoy this magnificent Day with my best wishes – Happy Independence Day 2020.


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